What we do

Empowering people to get the most out of their hosting.

We empower designers, developers, individuals and businesses to get the most out of their hosting.

Technology these days is becoming more and more accessible for you. Whether you are a professional or an individual, seeking to grow a business or just to learn new things.

We know what you care about and every day we strive to deliver you the best experience in which you can grow yourself and your project. We do this by providing you extreme performance hosting with enterprise grade security and extremely fast support. All the ingredients to make hosting a breeze.

For businesses

Take your business to the next level

Secure, easy to use and extremely fast comes standard with our hosting. All accounts have guaranteed resources, come equipped with automatic daily backups and are served with extremely fast 24/7 VIP tech support.

For individuals

Create a web presence in a breeze

Your favorite apps, like Wordpress, can be installed in one click without technical knowledge. Don’t worry about thing going wrong, we got your back. Our tutorials, backups and superb support is included. Unlimited.

For developers

Full control without the admin

Enjoy the freedom of shared hosting, without worrying about server updates and admin. You don't need us to customize settings like PHP. SSH access? You got it. You are in control so you can focus on building.

For resellers

Customer management done right

We offer our resellers the tools to do things faster and better. One customer overview from your account and one click logins. New customers are provisioned immediately, even when you buy on credit.

Why Hoasted

We are driven by total customer satisfaction, and therefore love to go the extra mile for you. Find out how we are different.Read more

Our guarantee

Our business is based on a couple of core principles. It is what we stand for and a promise to you. Check it out.Read more

Our reseller program

Do things faster and better, and enjoy a boatload of other benefits by joining the Hoasted reseller program.Read more

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Our difference

With us, you get way more than you expect. We understand as no other that you have limited time and a million other things to do. This is why we take care of things for you and ensure absolute performance. We keep accounts safe and protected, while empowering you to perform custom settings. Get rid of your frustrations and make the most out of your hosting today.

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