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​What is a VPN connection?

VPN or Virtual Private Network is a private network stream that is used to generate a secure and sometimes anonymous connection to another similar or normal network on the internet. A VPN can be used to gain access to certain websites that are restricted in some regions or locations, or to make your browsing activity hidden from the public network trackers, etc.

The function of a VPN is that it routes all the traffic on your network to another network when accessing resources from a local network is blocked or where internet censorship can be bypassed. Most of the computer operating systems have an integrated VPN in them.

For example, when you connect your computer or any other device to a VPN, the device works as if it is on the same network as the VPN and hence all the network traffic is routed to the VPN through a secure connection. Since your device now works as though on the same network, this will allow your device to access remote resources on the local network, from anywhere in the world.

Another example is that, suppose you are in a country where a specific online resource or product is not available, but which is available in another country. You can use the second country-based VPN and connect to the product’s resources from the first country itself over a secure connection, all the while being in your country.

VPN is also used by large institutions and companies to offer customers their services over a secure and private connection, when the customers are based in remote locations. A single VPN can also connect more than one website over large distances. This helps in distributing information to a wide base of users.

To gain access to a VPN, users must be authorized with a distinct ID or username and password. They are also given a PIN (Personal Identification Number) which users can use at nominal fee, which is not the case with every VPN service.

Why you want a VPN?

There are four major reasons why VPN comes in handy to you as a user-

  • VPN offers you a secure connection to a remote network over the internet. Companies, institutions, government entities, etc all use VPNs so that their employees have access to secure files, printers, applications, websites and other resources, privately.
  • VPNs can create and connect multiple networks together in a secure way. This is the reason why VPNs are relied upon by both big and small businesses to share resources and their servers among their employees as well as among their branches in different locations, globally too, securely.
  • Online privacy is a big and influential reason why using an encrypted VPN when you are accessing resources from a public network, is advisable. It also protects your identity from snoopers who actively try to hack their way in, in public networks.
  • Location based restrictions are also a major hindrance when you want to use a product but you are at a region where the product’s services are either blocked or unavailable. Using a VPN helps you get around the geoblocked censorship and use the resources in an uninterrupted manner.
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