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What is the fastest way to transfer files?

More often than not, files of small size can be easily transferred with a simple File Manager which does the job quickly. But if there are numerous files in the range of hundreds or thousands, or if the file size is too large, then FTP is a much faster solution. There are many FTP clients readily available for free, and most can be installed and setup in less than 15 minutes.

For a Microsoft Windows system, there are a variety of FTP tools that can be used –

  • WinSCP –

transfer files

This is one of the most powerful and easy to use FTP tools for windows. Though the tool’s interface has a bit too many options which might make it seem daunting, the tool is quite easy to use. As can be seen, the left side contains the files on the computer, and the right side contains the files on the server. A simple click on a file gives you the option to download, upload or edit it.

  • FireFTP –

transfer files FTP tools

This is a FTP client available for free from the Mozilla Firefox browser, as an add-on. It blends seamlessly with any platform (Mac, Windows or Linux) and gives the user a flawless experience.

  • FileZilla –

filezilla file transfer

This is one of the most easy to use FTP clients. However, due to complaints of spyware or adware being packaged in the tool, the user experience sometimes takes a hit. This can be overcome by ensuring that you check the box asking you to opt out from the adware.

Below are some more FTP clients –

  • Transmit – Though being non-free of charge, this client is hugely popular among Mac users, especially among web developers mainly due to its features like folder syncing, disk feature and higher speeds. It is also known for its smooth integration with the Mac environment, hence being very user friendly.
  • Cyberduck – This a free and open source tool which works on both Mac and Windows. Native Mac features like storing login credentials and locating files in finder, make this a popular choice of many users.
  • gFTP – gFTP is a simple, open source client for Linux based OS. Protocols such as FTP, FTPS (control connection only), HTTP, HTTPS, SSH and FSP are supported.

Best FTP clients for Windows, Mac and Linux

Some recommendations:

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