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How much hosting do I need?

​​Websites can be broadly categorized as huge, medium and small websites. Huge websites categorically have large amount of content on them and attract enormous traffic whereas small websites have lesser amount of data mostly in terms of text and have comparatively less pages. The traffic for slow websites can be lesser. Based on the size of your website and a foresight of how many visitors will be visiting your website, you can arrive at the bandwidth limit.

Web hosting plans and bandwidth are directly proportional to each other. If the bandwidth requirement of your website is more, you will have to choose among the hosting plans offering huge bandwidth.

Generally, website bandwidth is miscalculated resulting in a misinterpretation of the web hosting plan which in turn results in either having too much bandwidth or too less of it, to cope up with the actual traffic of the website.

You need to plan properly in order to get the right bandwidth requirement for your website.

Ways to achieve optimal limit of bandwidth

  • Make sure that file size of your website is minimal. You can use tools online to check the file size.
  • Compress images before uploading so that even their size is minimal.
  • Also check on the number of files that you allow to download on your site.

Generally, the bandwidth required for the websites do not exceed the limit of 9-10GB per month in case you are using media files in moderation. Let us say that an average website will be requiring 8GB per month bandwidth and keeping it as a threshold you are choosing a plan which serves you with the required bandwidth. For example, in a particular month your website has got huge traffic increasing the bandwidth requirement, the question arises whether you should change the web hosting plan. The obvious answer is no. In order for your website not getting choked up you can keep some buffer while choosing the web hosting plan. These buffers help you scale the bandwidths whenever the need arises.

Factors influencing bandwidth

The following are some of the factors that influence the bandwidth of your website.


  • Layout changes: Whenever you make new layout changes to your website, it will either increase or decrease the size. If the size is increased, it’ll affect the bandwidth.
  • High Traffic: You very well know the fortune of having high traffic to your site, but it also affects the bandwidth.
  • More Content, Pages/Images: When you add more pages or content or images or media files to your website, the bandwidth will surge.
  • Traffic Factors: If there is a sudden increase in traffic, the bandwidth usage will also increase.


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