What is a domain?

/What is a domain?

How do I transfer my website?

You can always switch your host any time. It may be due to inefficiency on the host’s part or you may have found a more feasible plan for your website hosting. Either way, in most cases, the process can be tedious and complicated. Here are a few steps to make the transition smooth, without any glitch-

  1. Subscribe to a new host without canceling with your old host. Also, do not inform your old host just yet, since they may terminate your subscription which will lead to your website being stopped suddenly.
  2. Since you have two accounts now (the ones with the old and new host), transfer all your website’s contents from the old host’s FTP to the new host’s FTP (while keeping the file and folder structure unchanged).
  3. Backup the databases on the old host and upload the same to the new host’s FTP; restore all data from the backup files, through SSH or cPanel.
  4. Now is the time to change your domain name’s DNS with the correct servers provided by your new host.Domain name servers may look like this –
  5. After the changes with respect to name servers are made, it takes about two days (48 hours) for your website to load from the new host. During this intermediate time, your site will be randomly loaded from either the old host or the new host; also your DNS will be popping up worldwide from these two servers (randomly).
  6. After the stipulated time, your website will start loading completely from the new host, following which you can cancel your subscription and also your account with the old host. However, if your domain was originally bought and registered with the old host, just cancel your account and subscription with them and not the registration.

In case you have any questions about moving a website to Hoasted, do not hesitate to contact us via support@hoasted.com. We are happy to help you making this process as easy as possible.

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