What is a domain?

/What is a domain?

Getting started with Hoasted.


At Hoasted, we want to help you to make the most out of your hosting. In this guide, you will learn all you need to know to get started quickly. We will tell you how things work, so you can get started fast and easy. Let us show you around, and help you in doing things better and faster.

The MyHoasted client area

This is the place where you manage your products and services. It functions as the main place from where you start, whether you want to login to your hosting package, add products or want to see your billing details. You can login with your email address (the one you signed up with) and password via https://www.hoasted.com/login.

You use MyHoasted for:

  • Overview of your services
  • Overview of your domain names
  • Order new services or upgrade existing services
  • Manage billing
  • Change contact details

 Go to MyHoasted

cPanel: the control panel for your hosting package

When you order a hosting package on your domain, you will get access to a cPanel (hosting package control panel). Every hosting packages comes with one cPanel account that is connected to one of your domain names. Your cPanel is the place where you manage all website, and email related settings. From adding email accounts to installing a WordPress or other application on your hosting package. You can login to your cPanel account in two ways:

Login from your MyHoasted client area

  1. Login to your MyHoasted account via https://www.hoasted.com/login
  2. Go to Services > My Services in the menu
  3. Click ‘view details‘ next to your hosting package
  4. At the bottom of the page that you see now, click the ‘cPanel‘ button.
  5. You will be automatically logged in to your cPanel account

Login via your own cPanel url

  1. Go to yourdomainname.com/cpanel (change for your own domain name)
  2. Login with the cPanel username and password. You received this login information when you ordered the hosting package. The title of the email is ‘Your webhosting information‘.
  3. After clicking the login button you will be logged into your cPanel account

Getting started with your website

When you don’t have a website yet

  • There is a very useful tool built into your cPanel called Installatron. When you want to install a a popular application like WordPress, Joomla or Drupal, you can do that in a matter of seconds from your cPanel with the button ‘Installatron Applications Installer’. You can install an unlimited amount of applications. When installed, a link will appear within Installatron (the middle link that looks like yourwebsite.com/wp-admin/) to directly login to the backend of your application.

When you have a website already

  • You can use Installatron applications installer to import an existing website, even if that website is located on another server, account or IP address. Go to Installatron Applications installer in cPanel and select the application type that your existing website is running on. Next to the button ‘Install this application‘, you can select a dropdown option where you select ‘Import existing install‘. Select this and fill in the details to have your website automatically imported to your Hoasted cPanel account.
  • You can upload your website via FTP or sFTP. You can use your cPanel username and password to connect to FTP or create a new FTP account in cPanel under ‘FTP accounts
  • via ‘File Manager‘ in your cPanel. You can upload files via your browsers and does not require any additional software. You can also use the cPanel file manager to view or edit existing files.

Getting started with your email

Beside having a website, you will also want to get your email account(s) set up. With your new hosting account, you have the possibility to add unlimited email accounts. Add for example your email info@yourdomain.com or john@yourdomain.com and let your contacts email you on that email address. Managing email accounts or adding new ones, you can do from your cPanel under the menu item ‘Email accounts‘. All email related settings like forwarders, default addresses, or mailing lists, can manage from your cPanel as well.

Every email account has a free webmail account. After creating your email account, you can login to that account via yourdomain.com/webmail with the chosen email address and password. Your webmail is always available online and completely free.

When you want to use an external cloud email system like Google for Work or Microsoft Office 365, you can set custom mailserver (MX) records under ‘MX Entry‘ in your cPanel.

Questions? Please ask them!

Do you have a question, need help with a setting or just looking for some advice? Email us on support@hoasted.com and let us help you further. We are always looking forward to helping you in getting the most out of your hosting. Quick and easy!

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