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Filezilla connection timed out after 20 seconds

Sometimes even when the settings for ftp connections remain the same and the connection to the server is established, Filezilla timeouts after 20 seconds of reading folders. The directory tree appears to be blank.

In such cases, follow the steps below resume Filezilla connection to the server.

1  Navigate to Filezilla> Site Management.

Filezilla connection time-out

2.  Select the site with the problem.

3.  Navigate to Transfer Settings tab and select Active instead of Default.

4.  Change the timeout settings value to 0:

5.  Open FileZilla client application on your desktop.

The FileZilla dialog will be displayed.

Click Edit on menu bar and select Settings option.

The Settings dialog will be displayed.

7.  In the left side of the Settings window there is a subsection called Select page and select the top option called Connection (by default it is selected when you open Settings window if it is not then select it manually).

8.  When you click on the Connection link you will get an option to set timeout on the right side.

9.  In that Timeout section, set this according to your need or you can disable this Timeoutsettings by settings its value to 0.

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