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What is Google G Suite?

Google G Suite is freedom. It is a means to achieve life through the way you work. It is also a doorway to achieve and accomplish things from anywhere in the world.

Google has now encompassed, and been welcomed by, more than 5 million businesses and organizations. Google has made people realize that work is now a lot more than just profits, numbers, papers and statistics. The coming together of various people with multitalented backgrounds and skills, to visualize, to create and to accomplish great tasks through the sharing of ideas instantly, is what technology has made capable. Rather than being a sole necessity, technology is to be used as only a tool to assist the great ideas that can grow uninterrupted without the proliferated dependence on it.

Google G Suite is a technology that made our life and work easier.

Google Apps for G Suite

Google has a bunch of cloud based tools with the technology to help you and your team to collude and get things done and meet deadlines from virtually any device and any location.

Some of the popular Google Apps for G Suite are:

  • Gmail – An email service by Google that has, since its advent, been the most popular mailing client among many businesses as well among billions of people. The workforce of most organizations today is driven by this secure, easy and fast mailing client.
  • Drive – It is a cloud based storage service which can store and synchronize files like images, videos, documents etc. Google Drive suite includes Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides for editing, spreadsheet functionalities and presentations of documents.
  • Hangouts – An instant communication platform that provides services like instant messaging, video calling, SMS, etc. It is a perfect blend of efficiency and reliability because of its easy to use GUI and functionality.
  • Chrome – It is a freeware web browser by Google that has gained massive surges in usage in the recent years. As with other Google apps, Chrome has a very distinct and simple albeit unique interface and connectivity and works on all platforms and mobile devices with various operating systems.
  • Chromebook and Chromebox– Google released these devices with its flagship Chrome OS and collaborating with many leading companies for the hardware. Chromebook is essentially a laptop running the Chrome OS (operating system), which depends on an internet connection to function since most of the data and web applications in it are stored in the cloud servers of Google. Chromebox is similar in functionality but is a desktop version.
  • Google Search for Work – It is an appliance that runs the powerful Google search engine in its hardware. This is a much faster and powerful way to search things for, especially in a fast paced business environment. Parameters for searching include sifting through metadata, wildcard search, spellcheck and synonyms, etc.

Benefits of Using Google G Suite

  • Intuitive Function – Google business apps are known for their intuitive functioning and for ease of use. Applications like calendar, file sharing, contacts, emails are very simple to use and work on any device that has internet connectivity and has your account logged in. Every time there is a new update or version being released, Google Business Apps update automatically.
  • Powerful as required – The Google G Suite APIs and Apps have the Google apps script which enables system administrators and independent software developers to seamlessly integrate their custom built software with these apps. This third party collaboration and integration will help you discover an unending stream of possibilities to work with.
  • Cost Efficient – For a very affordable fee per month or year, Google Business Apps gives you the tools and extensions to expand and grow your business by larger proportions. Things like extra storage space, a custom email address specific to your company or business, more tools to modify your documents, spreadsheets, slides, etc are some of the great features offered, including security and admin control for better management.
  • Security – Safety and protection of data is paramount at Google. Phishing of emails, sneaking viruses and malware in the software, hacking of personal data, etc are some of the common problems to tackle with and which Google resolves to do the same, which make it a trustworthy brand among the millions of users. Its security protocols being similar to the ones certified with top level government organizations, Google ensures that protection of data is one of the topmost priorities.
  • Mainstream Support– Customer support goes a long way in maintaining trust and Google does not stand down in this department. Even though Google Business Apps are intuitive and efficient, there may be times when you require the help of a strong support system from the company to assist you with a problem regarding a certain app. A wide array of resources are deployed for this purpose and online forums, support websites like Gooru, companies that handle Google’s support, etc, are at your beck and call, to help you quickly find a solution.


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