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How do I create an email spam filter?

SpamAssassin is an anti-spam tool which helps in filtering out unwanted messages/emails. It works for all of the email accounts in your cPanel. It can be set to mark spam messages so that they are easy to notice. You can also choose to configure SpamAssassin to automatically delete any emails marked as spam.

Hoasted.com recommends activating SpamAssassin as soon as you create an email account or log in for the first time.

1.  Log into cPanel.

2.  Navigate to Home >Email >Apache SpamAssassin.

The Apache SpamAssassin page will be displayed. ​

Apache SpamAssiassin page

3.  Check whether Apache SpamAssassin is enabled or not. If it is not enabled, click Enable Apache SpamAssassin.

4.  Select the score from the drop down list.

  • 0 means everything incoming will be marked as spam.
  • 5 is the default setting (and works well for typical users).
  • 10 means that any message with a score of 10 or less will not be marked as spam.

The SpamAssassin will be enabled.

Creating Global Email Filters

​1.  Navigate to Home >Email >Global Email Filters.

Global Email Filters

The Global Email Filters page will be displayed.

Global Email Filters page

2.  Click Create a New Filter.

The Global Email Filters page will be displayed.

Global Email Filters settings

4.  Enter the name of your filter in the Filter Name text entry box.

5.  Select Spam Bar from the first menu in the Rules section.

6.  Select contains from the second menu in the Rules section.

7.  Enter the spam score in the next text entry box. Adding the desired spam score with plus (+) characters.

8.  Select Deliver to folder option from the Actions drop down list. The available options are Discard Message, Redirect to Email, Fail With Message, Stop Processing Rules, Deliver to Folder and Pipe to a Program.

9. Click Create to save the spam filter.

The spam filter will be created.

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