What is a domain?

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How do I create an email forwarder?

What are Email Forwarders?

Email forwarding helps you to send an email that is delivered to one email address to a different email address automatically.

If you have multiple email addresses for your business, one major advantage of using email forwarders is that all the messages are forwarded to one single account. So if you have sales@hoasted.comservice@hoasted.com, and support@hoasted.com email addresses, all of the emails addresses to these accounts can be sent to one account such as info@hoasted.com. This way, you need not have to check all the email accounts, but just the email account, info@hoasted.com.

Email Forwarding Settings

1. Log into the cPanel.

2. Navigate to Home >Email >Forwarders.

create an email forwarder

The Forwarders page will be displayed. 

e-mail forwarder page

3. Click Add Forwarder.

The Add a New Forwarder page will be displayed.

Add a New Forwarder page

4. In the Address section, enter the email address username in the Address to Forward text entry box.

5. Select the user name is for the domain from the Domain drop down list.

6. In the Destination section, enter the full email address that you want to forwarder emails to in the Forward to Email Address text entry box.

7. You can discard all unrouted mail with an error to the senders; in this case you should type in the message which will be sent to the senders by checking the box.

8. By clicking the Advanced Options link you can discard all unrouted mail, pipe it to a program or forward it to the system account.

9Click Add Forwarder.

The Email Account Forwarders page will be displayed.

Email Account Forwarders page

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