What is a domain?

/What is a domain?

How do I create a mailing list?

A Mailing List saves a lot of time and effort while mailing a mass e-mail. This option is useful in using a single address to send a mail to multiple email addresses.

Create a mailing list

You can define a name, password, and domain name for the mailing list.

  1. Log into cPanel.
  2. Navigate to Home >Email>Mailing Lists.

mailing lists cpanel

The Create a Mailing List page will be displayed.

create a mailing list

3. Enter the mailing list name in the List Name text entry box.

4. Select the name of the domain from the Domain drop down list.

5. Enter the password in the Password text entry box.

6. Re-enter the password for confirmation in the Password (Again) text entry box.

Note: The system rates the password that you enter on a scale of 100 points. 0 indicates a weak password, while 100 indicates a very secure password. A Green in the strength meter indicates that the password is equal to or greater than the required password strength. You can also use Password Generator to generate a strong password.

7. Select one of the following privacy option in the Access Type field.

  • Private — Private archives available for this mailing list. The subscription to this should be approved by administrators.
  • Public —Public archives available for this mailing list. The subscriptions are open to all.

8. Click Add to create the new mailing list.

The message box informing you about the successful creation of mailing list will be displayed.

mailing list creation

The newly created list will be displayed in the Current List section. From here, you can manage, delete, change the password or manage the delegation.

current mailing list

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