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What is Dropbox for business?

What is Dropbox?

Dropbox is a free file sharing service which is based on cloud storage technology. Files that can be shared include documents, photos and videos. You need to create an account in the official Dropbox website to use its services. You can create folders on all the devices that you have interconnected like PCs, mobiles, laptops, tabs etc, and synchronize the files that you have stored in your Dropbox account among all these devices. These files can also be shared with anyone having a Dropbox account, by creating a shared folder system. Files that are put in a shared folder will be shared with all the recipients of that folder by means of a link provided to the recipients.

Dropbox can also be called an online backup service since it acts as a personal cloud storage account for the user. Dropbox is available for operating systems like Macintosh, Windows and Linux ,as also for mobile devices running Android, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, etc as an app.

There are various plans available for the users, related to storage space. Initially, 2GB of space is provided to all users on a free basis. Upward of it, however, users looking for more space can buy it at a nominal price.

Dropbox Business Account Features

Some of the notable features included in Dropbox for Business are:

  • Recovery of files, not bound by any parameters, and also the version history.
  • Option to edit the files that are shared between the recipients without having to overwrite these changes.
  • Using a single account, you can either add or remove recipients without the hassle of having to use multiple accounts.
  • A separate admin panel to maintain and manage the staff accounts, generation of reports, payment of accounts, etc.
  • A timeline that displays reports the activities of all members or staff, individually.
  • Integration of existing account’s credentials and authentication of the same using SSO (Single Sign On) along with Active Directory.
  • In addition to an email option, a dedicated phone support system is also included.

Dropbox Business Sharing

In its merest simplicity and at the outlook, Dropbox is basically a cloud based online storage service. But its functionality encompasses a wide range of services. Files that are created and “dropped” in a folder in the Dropbox account are synchronized between the computer and the cloud as also between users who are detailed in the same business process account. Even the existing shared files can be updated and Dropbox will seamlessly sync these updates as well as back them up in its servers. A number of third party applications and plug-ins which are easily compatible with, and adaptable to, Dropbox have proven that there are really few business tasks and processes that cannot be completed with Dropbox.

When using Dropbox Business, the concern for storage space being used need not arise at all since a shared folder will only count once, the overall required storage quota, at the beginning, for the entire team. Any number of folders can be shared with the teammates or the staff without having to worry about storage space being used up.

With the consent of the admin of the account, files can also be shared with a person who is not a team member. But in this case, the shared folder’s size will use up the storage space from the allotted quota to both your team as well as the person’s with whom the file is being shared, just like in normal Dropbox accounts.

Dropbox Business Team Folders

These are a special type of shared folders that are created by an admin. Once created, files dropped to this folder are automatically shared among all the members in your business team on Dropbox. If you are an admin or the owner of an existing shared folder, then the files of that folder or the sub folders can be shared with external people not in your business team. It is important to note that a Dropbox link cannot be shared to a team folder.

Dropbox Business shared FoldersDropbox Business Team Folders

Team Folder on DropboxTeam Folder on Windows Desktop

Though a Dropbox Business membership gives a team member access to the team’s storage quota and reduce the chances of any one member crossing the storage limits, it does not necessarily mean that team members have access to all the folders shared in all teams. They are still required to manually share the folders or files.

Dropbox Business with Mobile

Compatibility with mobile devices across platforms like iOS and Android is what makes Dropbox a premier tool for businesses. Its mobile app version can be downloaded and installed for free on any devices running iOS and Android. Windows is the only operating system where Dropbox does not run on the mobile devices.

With a flawless interface in its desktop version, the process of saving and synchronizing files to an account created on Dropbox is very simple and efficient. You can simply login for the first time on your browser in Dropbox’s official website after creating an account and simply start creating files and folders on your device or system. Manual transfer of new and updated files is thus not an issue at all since all synchronization is automated. Once created or updated, a notification is received by all users regarding their respective teams. The admin can also make use of the folder-access option in order to manage users as to who are allowed or authorized to see and use the shared files, and who are not.

Dropbox for Business, having virtually unlimited amount of storage space and no restrictions on the size of file being transferred, is an ideal and efficient way to share files that are very large in size. However, due to network constraints, a limit of 200 GB is imposed on a daily basis for these accounts. But this being a huge amount, the limit is not usually reached or crossed by any kind of businesses except for the largest of business conglomerates.

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