What is a domain?

/What is a domain?

Domain renewals at Hoasted

All domains at Hoasted renew automatically. If you want to cancel a domain name, please email support@hoasted.com.

Renewal of domains depends on whether you have bought the domain with an yearly basis or for three years at a time, etc. Renewal of domains is as easy as paying your prepaid phone bill on a monthly basis. There is also an automated process to renew your domain provided you have your financials in order.

Auto renewal is not a necessity but if you do not renew your domain manually, then the downside to it is that the constant traffic to your website may suddenly be re-routed to another website or simply be directed to a blank page. It is always better for your website to have constant traffic so that your website flourishes.

To renew domains automatically, follow the steps given below.

1. Login into client area.

2. Navigate to Domains >My Domains.

The Client Area page will be displayed.

auto renewal domein

3. Select Auto Renewal Status from the Manage Domain drop down list in the row of the domain you wish to renew.

The Auto Renew section will be displayed.

auto renewal status

4. To enable auto renew and to have us automatically send you a renewal invoice before your domain expires, click Enable Auto Renew.

The selected domain will be enabled for auto renewing.

domain status

5. To disable auto renew, click Disable Auto Renew.

The auto renew feature will be disabled.

auto renew domain

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