What is a domain?

/What is a domain?

How to manage DNS for domains in cPanel

What is DNS?

The Domain Name System (DNS) is like a translator that translates internet host names into corresponding Internet Protocol (IP) addresses and vice versa. It helps you to manage your domain names directory, website and email settings. DNS will keep the records of the accessed website based on Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. DNS influences different aspects of your domain name.

DNS maintains the information of all your domain names, when it accessed across the internet through DNS setting control. It automatically works on converting the names that are entered in web browser address bar to hosted web server’s IP address.

DNS acts like a phone book of an internet, just like you know the person’s name but don’t know their telephone number. You can go through phone book and check out relevant number by knowing the name of the person.

Additionally, DNS provides the same service to the internet. When a visitor enters the domain name such as hoasted.com, your computer will execute the relevant web address in the form of Internet Protocol (IP) address. This takes place every time when you use a domain name in the browser. DNS server increases the speed and quality of your searches, lookups and analysis.

Accessing the DNS zone file

1. Log in to your account.

2. Navigate to Domains >Simple Zone Editor.

The Simple Zone Editor page will be displayed.

manage DNS Simple Zone Editor

3. If this account owns more than one domain, select the domain that you wish to manage from the Domain menu.

What type of DNS records can I add?

From here, you can add A record and CNAME.

Adding A Record

An record is a DNS record that helps to map host names with IP addresses. It is very crucial for your website as it allows the DNS servers to identify your website and its services on the Internet. Without appropriate A records, it is not possible for your visitors to access your website or FTP site or email accounts.

1. In the Simple Zone Editor section, enter the following details.

Field Description Example Value
Name Refers to the name of the A record. 123.563.236
Address Refers to the address of the A record.

2. Click Add an A Record.

The new user defined A record will be added.

Note: You can add A record only when you add a new service that is not provided by cPanel & WHM or your service provider.

Adding CNAME

CNAME record adds an alias for another domain name that DNS looks up. It is also important because it allows you to point multiple CNAME records to a single A record in order to simplify DNS maintenance.

1. To add a CNAME record, enter the following details.

Field Description Example Value
Name Refers to the name of the CNAME record. 123.563.236
Address Refers to the address of the CNAME record.

2. Click Add a CNAME Record.

The new user defined CNAME record will be added.

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