What is a domain?

/What is a domain?

How to add a subdomain in your cPanel account?

What is a subdomain?

As the name itself suggests, a sub domain refers to your secondary website that has its own content. But the only difference here is that it does not have a new domain name. You will just use an existing domain name and only change the initial part of www to a different name. So, sub domain is an extended part of your own domain name with its own content. Technically a subdomain is a DNS record for your domain hostname. So, to add a subdomain, you may have to use DNS record editor and add DNS record related to your subdomain.

When to use a subdomain?

In cPanel, you can easily create subdomains and your subdomains function as separate entities from your main domain. Suppose you have a blog for your website. Then you can create a subdomain called “blog” and its address can be “blog.hoasted.com”

Some examples of sub domain names are:

  • forums.hoasted.com
  • help.hoasted.com
  • onlinehelp.hoasted.com
  • blogs.hoasted.com

You can also use subdomains for mobile versions of your website, blogs, support and stores.

How to add a subdomain in your cPanel account

To add a subdomain, follow the steps given below.

1.  Log in to your account.

2.  Navigate to Domains > Subdomains.

The Subdomains page will be displayed.

add subdomain cpanel

3.  In the Subdomains section, enter the following details.

Field Description Example Value
subdomain Refers to the desired prefix name of the domain. 343.545.6789
Domain Refers to the desired main domain. Mydomainexample.com
Document Root Refers to the home directory for the subdomain.

Note: This directory contains the files that pertain to the subdomain.


4. Click Create.

The message box informing you about the creation of the sub domain will be displayed.

sub domain creation

5.  To open the subdomain’s main directory with the File Manager, click the link under Document Root that corresponds to the sub domain that you want to view in the File Manager.

modify a sub domain

The File Manager page displayed.

File Manager page

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