What is a domain?

/What is a domain?

Adding a domain lock to prevent your domain from being moved

What is a domain lock

If you want to make sure your domain cannot be stolen or moved away without your permission, you can lock your domain by adding a transfer lock. This secures your domain against unauthorized transfers. Locking your domain ensures that a transfer token (also known as an authorization code or auth code) cannot be generated for your domain. A transfer token/code is required to transfer your domain to another service provider.

How to prevent your domain from being moved?

Safeguarding a registered domain name helps you to build your brand and develop your business. Since the trade activities on internet have grown rapidly over time, the importance and utility of domain names are important. To prevent the domain names from moving, you should possess the legal ownership of the domain and also the administrative control of maintaining the account.

If you lose your domain name to anyone, who is capable of accessing your account with your domain name registrant, they can move your domain and divert your website visitors to their own site and also access your email. So it is very important that you safeguard your domain being moved.

Here are few things you need to give attention in order to stop any unauthorized change to your domain’s settings.

  • Valid Registration Information – Provide valid contact details in Whois database.
  • Right Email Address – The email address you provide has the complete authority of approvals in case of domain name transfers. So do not let the email address to expire.
  • Regular Monitoring – Check your account regularly and make sure that all your details are intact. You can even buy domain monitoring service.
  • Domain Lock – We highly recommend to make use of a transfer lock where possible.

How do I add a domain lock?

The following TLD’s support domain locking: .com .net .org .info .biz .name .be .ag .bz .cc .in .la .pl .sc .tk .tv .tw .us .mobi.

1. Login into client area.

2. Navigate to Domains > My Domains.

The Client Area page will be displayed.

domain lock

3. Select Manage Domain option from the drop down list in the row of the name servers you wish to update.

The Management Tools section will be displayed.

Note: Not all TLD’s support transfer locking, however these ones do: .be .ag .biz .bz .cc .com .cz .in .info .la .me .mn .mobi .name .net .nu .org .sc .tv .tw .us .vc .co.in .firm.in .gen.in .ind.in .net.in .org.in .com.ag .net.ag .org.ag .org.cn .org.sc .net.sc .com.vc .org.vc .net.vc .org.tw .com.tw .xxx .com.bz .co.bz .net.bz.

4. Navigate to Registrar Lock.

registrar lock

5. Lock your domain to prevent it from being transferred away without your authorization by clicking the Enable Registrar Lock button.

The message box changes saved successfully will be displayed.

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