Powercacher by Hoasted

Note: Currently in Beta and only compatible with WordPress websites.

Powercacher™ by Hoasted is developed exclusively for Hoasted customers and creates an ultra-fast load time for your website. It allows you to use the Hoasted dynamic cache to optimize the performance of your website. This tutorial will provide a detailed introduction of Hoasted's advanced web site optimization solution called Powercacher. We will explain how to use it in order to improve the performance of your web site.

About Powercacher

Powercacher improves the user experience of your site by increasing website performance and reducing load times. The plugin, available in all hosting packages (except 'Personal') unleashes the power of your Hoasted hosting by optimizing your Nginx settings in both your cPanel account and your website, and requires settings in both. The result is an increased number of hits (up to 100x) your website can handle and a boost in loading speed of your website (over 4x). This makes your websites the fastest it can be.

Accessing Powercacher

You can access the tool by clicking on the icon in your cPanel, under ‘Hoasted tools’:

hoasted powercacher

Once you click it, you will be brought to the main tool page. On it, you will find brief information on how Powercacher works and an overview of the available domains and subdomains you can can enable to work with Powercacher:

hoasted powercacher settings


Powercacher provides an excellent caching solution for all types of websites. Your settings will be automatically managed based on your CMS. We currently support the following Content Management Systems (CMS) and websites:

  • WordPress
  • Static HTML websites
  • More coming soon....

Your website will be cached based on dynamic caching. This is an extremely effective solution for dynamic websites powered by Joomla, WordPress and Drupal. On our shared hosting platform, we support Magento too. It caches the HTML output created by the PHP code of these applications and serves it directly from the RAM (the servers’ memory), instead of generating it each time. This saves significant resources and will result in very fast loading times. The TTFB (time till first byte) will drop to below 30ms.

How to enable Powercacher


  1. Login to your cPanel account
  2. Open the Powercacher settings by clicking on the cPanel icon
  3. Enable your main domain(s) and/or subdomain(s) in Powercacher main tool page
  4. Log in as administrator on the WordpPress website enabled in step 2
  5. Go to the plugins page and install the Hoasted Powercacher plugin for WordPress
    1. Add new plugin
    2. Upload the Powercacher plugin to your website (you can find it here or via http://hoasted.link/powercacher)
    3. Click install
    4. Click activate
  6. After you activated the WordPress plugin, a menu item will appear under 'Settings' named 'Hoasted Cache'
  7. In the plugin settings, click on ‘Purge Entire Cache Now'
  8. You are now all set, all your data will now be automatically loaded via Hoasted Powercacher. Enjoy!

hoasted powercacher caching settings


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