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What tools are available to optimize my website??

Website optimization is used to make your website more effective at achieving goals like getting a bigger user base, increasing site popularity, etc.

This is very important as it helps the users to have a better experience with your website and with each of their visits. One of the most basic needs of a visitor is to find what he or she is looking for on the internet, be it a solution to a question or an answer to someone else’s. Optimizing your website will help a lot in getting the users what they need, instantly.

Suppose you have an e-commerce website that sells electronic gadgets and items. You can optimize your site in such a way that the number of purchases made by users is increased. Using a systematic series of testing different components of your site and based on a simple survey, this optimization can be achieved.

Optimization also helps in boosting your sales and business. Revenue is increased through new sales, and the cycle repeats thereby marketing more at a reduced cost. It also helps the customers to have more clarity of information since your website is now more clear and accurate and this helps in reduced number of customer support costs also. This way of optimization process is known as Conversion Rate Optimization.

Optimizing My Website

The process of optimizing a website has principles derived almost wholly from conversion rate optimization. The important thing to be kept in mind is that website optimization is best done as an ongoing process, which as time passes, only makes your website very valuable and an indispensable tool for your users.

Optimization process takes place with the following steps included:

  • Create a hypothesis: Make a survey and hypothesize about what could be the possible reasons as to why your site may not be generating as much revenue and which parts of the site are performing poorly and then make a list of optimizations to test.
  • Prioritize: After making the list of potential optimizations, you need to prioritize and grade them in the order that they will make an impact on your site after optimization. You should also keep in mind the ease of implementing the changes and the potentiality of them improving the overall performance.
  • Testing the Optimizations: The next step would be to perform Alpha and Beta test optimizations that you have prioritized. After testing, decide on which changes to keep and which not to. Eliminate the ones that don’t work.
  • Analyze the tests: Determine which of the hypotheses stood true and which ones did not, by comprehensively reviewing the optimization tests. Double check for any errors or misleading data before eliminating the tests that did not win.
  • Optimize: Now that you have the tests that proved worthy of optimizing, implement them and optimize your site. Wait for the results of the optimization process that your website was put through and learn from the tests did not pan out.

Note: Website optimization is always a time dependent process which is slow but steady. So it is prudent for you to be patient and keep reviewing the revenue generated and also the user base strength, from time to time to see the expected results.

Each website is unique in its own way since each of them cater to unique business needs. Therefore, each site has to be optimized differently.

Qualitative Tools for Optimization

  • Qualaroo – This is a survey tool which can be used on-site, that will enable you to get information about the user-feedback in a real time fashion. It also helps you analyze the reason behind why visitors stop coming to your website, or why the usage has slowed down over time. Qualaroo is a key tool in surveying such information and hence helps in optimizing.
  • UserTesting.com – This website can help you get a lot of ideas to help optimize your site by letting you watch the videos of people trying to perform certain tasks that you have asked them to perform. In these video sessions, people (visitors) talk through their video, thereby giving you an idea of their thought process and hence help you analyze.
  • Inspectlet – Inspectlet is another user testing tool that will screen-record everything that the user views while he is visiting your website. Every page, every click and every scroll will be recorded and this helps you easily understand different users’ interests and behaviors and hence optimize your site.
  • SurveyMonkey – SurveyMonkey surveys the registered users of your site and gets feedback on how the users felt about the website and also asks suggestions about improvement. Though this lacks the real time survey features, it provides for a more in-depth analysis and valuable inputs from the users.

Quantitative Tools for Optimization

  • Google Analytics – The most widely used analytics tool for many of the websites, Google Analytics is a great product that gives reliable and robust feedback about what is going on, on your website.
  • KISSMetrics – While Google Analytics can tell you what is going on, on your website, KISSMetrics can tell you who or which specific person is doing it. It lets you understand what types of visitors prove to be most valuable and through which paths your site is converting i.e., generating the highest revenue, giving you a much deeper level of information.
  • CrazyEgg – CrazyEgg is a mapping tool that will allow you to know which part of the site your visitors visit the most, which parts they click and how far they scroll in such pages. Suppose you have a special offer or bulletin that is very important but which only a fraction of visitors can view, then this tool will inform you of such a mishap and you can easily optimize your site and make that specific component more visible.
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