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What is phpMyAdmin?

phpMyAdmin is an open source database management tool very similar to MySQL, but written in PHP, and uses the system’s web browser in order to handle the administration of databases. Modifying or accessing databases, creating and managing users, etc are some of the functions performed by phpMyAdmin.

phpMyAdmin was developed 17 years ago and has since then come to have had a very stable and flexible code structure.

Some of its best features:

  • A very easy and intuitive user interface;
  • Supports a lot of MySQL features like database modification (drop, delete, update, edit, add, rename, create, copy, rename etc);
  • Maintenance of database, server and the table associated along with configuration options and suggestions;
  • Administration and management of MySQL user accounts and their privileges;
  • Manage and maintain already stored protocols and procedure scripts;
  • Import and export data in various formats including CSV, XML, PDF etc;
  • Multiple server administration;
  • Layout of database graphics can be created and designed in several formats;
  • Creation of sophisticated search queries using query languages like QBE (Query By Example);
  • Global search of data in a specific database or a subset of it;
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