What is a domain?

/What is a domain?

What does Network Tools do?

Network Tools function is one of the most useful as well as underrated tools in cPanel. Sometimes when your website is malfunctioning, Hoasted support agents make use of similar networking tools , as in cPanel, to rectify such malfunctioning.

Network Tools includes:

Domain Lookup: Often termed as a WHOIS lookup, this function allows you to collect information about details of a domain such as the owner’s name, the registrar under which the domain name is registered with, details of current DNS settings, etc. This tool ensures that your DNS is set up in a proper manner immediately after certain DNS changes have been made.

It executes the host domain command which points to a specific domain and using the IP address from the domain name, routes back DNS information about the server.

Trace Route: A Trace Route helps in resolving network and connection issues from your system’s location to the server it is connected to. The functionality is such that it traces the route from your site’s server to the computer where cPanel is accessed from.

The function also includes displaying the number of servers through which the data of your site goes through before finally reaching your website, as also the time that the computer takes to contact the server.​

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