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I’m receiving a blank page

​A blank, white page is displayed in your website whenever there is a plugin that has not been installed in your server currently. To do this, you can check you error log page in the cPanel section, wherein the time of the error as well as the page in which the error occurred, will be recorded. This makes the job easier and you can pinpoint the exact location of the error when you contact the hosting service provider for configuring the server issues.

A firewall blocking may also be a reason for a blank page being displayed. The firewall may have blocked the website hence disabling your access to the site.

In rare cases, the ISPs (Internet Service Providers) will not have updated their cache folder frequently which makes viewing regular site changes, difficult for you.

There are some solutions you can implement to solve the issues at hand:

  • Clear cookies, cache, history and footprints
  • Reset web settings
  • Temporarily disable a firewall
  • Use traceroute to see if you can notice anything odd in the connection between your computer and our server
  • ReRun cPanel
  • Disable the proxy server in Internet Options
  • Enable cookies on your browser
  • Repair the network stack list using NetShell
  • Run Quick Restore
  • Run OS updates
  • Contact Hoasted Support
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