What is a domain?

/What is a domain?

I can’t login to cPanel

Logging in to your cPanel account is straightforward. However, problems that might arise which may make you unable to log in, have several reasons attributed to it:

1.  Incorrect cPanel URL: If you have just created an account and registered a domain with us, then chances are that our servers might not be pointed at by your domain yet, or your firewall is blocking the cPanel ports through the internet connection you use, etc. In such situations, you can use a temporary cPanel URL that you will be provided with when you contact us with the issues.

2.  Incorrect user name: An incorrect username entered would not produce a specific error message but nevertheless it is an error that would result in file transfer errors. The username of the hosting account can be checked from the cPanel.

3.  Incorrect Password: This will result in an error message specific to the mistake, and it will be displayed in most FTP software. To rectify this error, you need to reset your password from your cPanel account.

4.  Account might be suspended: Though you have registered with us and created a cPanel account, and have also bought a domain, the account might be suspended or withheld from designated to you for various reasons like incorrect financial transactions, incorrect credentials given during registration, etc, and this may result in your cPanel account also being not accessible to you with the username and password being correct.​

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