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How do I use the File Manager?

File manager is used to upload files, articles, images, etc to your website. cPanel has the option to do this under Files section. Small files within 25-30 MB can be uploaded using this file manager but larger files have to be uploaded using an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client. Though file manager may not have complex functionalities as in FTP, the basic ones work quite well and can be used whenever in need.

1.  Log in to your cPanel account.

2.  Navigate to Files.

The Files section will be displayed.

file manager cpanel

3.  Click File Manager.

The File Manager page will be displayed.

file manager page

Name, size, last modified, type  permissions

4.  Click Upload.

The Upload page will be displayed.

file upload cpanel

5.  Click Select File.

The uploaded file is added to the directory.

file directory

Renaming a File​

6. To rename a file in cPanel directory, click Rename.

The Rename dialog box will be displayed.

rename file cpanel

7.  Enter the new name of the file.

8.  Click Rename File.

rename file manager

You can notice that the file name has been changed.

Deleting a File​

delete file cpanel

9.  Click Delete.

The message box asking you to confirm the deletion of the file will be displayed.

delete file confirmation

10.  Click Confirm.

The file will be removed from the directories.

file manager cpanel

How can I display hidden files in File manager​

11. To display a hidden file in cPanel directory, click Settings.

The Preference dialog box will be displayed.

display hidden files

12. Click the Show Hidden Files check box.

13. Click Save.

display hidden files file manager

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