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How do I export a MySQL Database?

Exporting a database nowadays becoming increasingly necessary owing to huge server traffic, unreliable providers, less disk space as information grows in size, etc. exporting the database ensures that the information contained in it can be accurate and relied upon. Even a small technical glitch in the servers can result in issues like less traffic to your website.

1.  Log in to your cPanel account.

2.  Navigate to Databases.

The Database section will be displayed.

export a MySQL Database

3.  Click phpMyAdmin Databases.

The phpMyAdmin Databases page will be displayed.

 phpMyAdmin Databases page

4.  Click Export.

You will find the list of available databases.

5.  Specify the Export Method.

6.  Select the Format as SQL from the drop down list.

7.  Click Go.

The file will be exported to your computer in SQL format.

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