What is a domain?

/What is a domain?

How do I create a parked domain?

Parking a domain name is registering another domain for your website, but this domain will not be associated with certain services of your website. Its only goal is to reserve it for future purpose and secure it from any probability of cyber squatting.

Parked domains are like additional domains that show up the same website like your primary domain, but they really don’t have any content. They are just aliases of your website.

For example, you have a domain registered as hoasted.com. This will be your primary domain. You may have more keywords and want to drive more traffic to your website, then you can register other related domains like hoasted.net, hoasted.info etc. These can be your parked domains. On the browser, you will observe that these domain names open up your original or primary website that is hoasted.com in this case.

There are other cases also where you would want to go for a parked domain. You will buy a domain name and park it for a short period. This will point to a temporary dummy web page until you complete the hosting process and get the complete website ready.

If the visitor is a seasoned or expert web surfer, then he/she will easily identify a parked domain, but a new user will always think that its’ your actual website.

Parking domain has its own advantages. You can immediately monetize domain name based on the value of the domain name and the page traffic it brings. There is a huge resale market for certain domain names and even if you do not plan to sell your domain for a profit, the offer will just be too good to pass on!

If you do not want to sell your parked domain, you register it and point it to your account name servers.

In your cPanel, parked domains are nothing but domain aliases.

1. Log in to your cPanel account.

2. Navigate to Domains > Aliases.

The Aliases page will be displayed.

parked domain

3. To create a domain alias, enter the name of the domain in the Domain text entry box.

4. Click Add Domain.

Note: You must register a domain with a valid registrar and configure it to point to your DNS servers before you use it as an alias.

The new alias will be created.

parked domain alias

1.  To open the alias domain’s home directory withcPanel’s File Managerinterface, navigate toHome >> Files >> File Manager.

2.  Click the link under Document Root that corresponds to the alias.

Note: You can also create email accounts for domain aliases.

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