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How do I configure hotlink protection?

Hotlink typically means a situation where other websites link to the files and images on your website, thereby effectively stealing the bandwidth from your site every time a user from the other website clicks the link on the URL taken from your website. This not only clogs your server due to the congestion of bandwidth but also results in your information being stolen and published without due credit or permissions.

cPanel has the option to prevent hot linking by offering protection.

1.  Log in to your cPanel account.
2.  Navigate to Security > Hotlink Protection.

hotlink protection

The Hotlink protection page will be displayed.

configure hotlink protection

3.  To enable the protection, click Enable.

4.  To configure Hotlink Protection, Select the URLs that are allowed to access from drop down list. 5.  Enter the URLs that you want to block direct access in the text entry box.

​5.  Click Submit.

This way you can enable hotlink protection and allow or block URLs.

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