What is a domain?

/What is a domain?

How do I configure a cron job?

A cron job is a scheduled task that a system carries out at specific intervals of time, usually predefined. It consists of a bunch of processes that the system carries out from a script file.

Note: Running a cron job too often may result in the degradation of the server’s performance so exercising caution is recommended.

1. Log in to your cPanel account.

2. Navigate to Advanced.

The Advanced section will be displayed.

cPanel cron jobs

3. Click Cron Jobs.

The Cron Jobs page will be displayed.

Updating Cron Email

Updating Cron Email

4. Enter the Email in text entry box.

5. Click Update Email.

Adding a Cron Job

You can further add a cron.

Adding a Cron Job

6. In the Add New Cron Job section, select the common setting from drop down list.

7. Enter or select the Minute, Hour, Day, Month and Weekend in the respective fields.

8. Enter the command in the Commandtext entry box.

9. Click Add New Cron Job.

The newly created cron job will be displayed in Current Cron Jobs section.

Current Cron Jobs section

Note: You can also edit or delete existing cron jobs. Click the Edit and Delete button in the row of the cron job you want to edit or delete.

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