What is a domain?

/What is a domain?

How do I block an IP address from accessing my site?

Having a website is synonymous with having both good users as well as bad ones.  Bad users may mean that either they are stealing information from your website and publishing elsewhere, or they may spam your website with unsolicited comments on your articles, or simply post content that may not be in the best interests of internet users. Therefore, they can be blocked from having access to your website by means of blocking their IP Address to your website.

1.  Log in to your cPanel account.

2.  Navigate to Security >IP Blocker.

ip blocker

The IP blocker page will be displayed.

block ip address

3.  Enter the IP address or domain range that you want to block in the field entry text box.

The following formats can be used to deny IP addresses:

  • Single IP Address:
  • Range:
  • Implied Range:
  • CIDR Format:
  • Implied Range:
  • CIDR Format:
  • Implies 192.*.*.*

4.  Click Add.

The added IP address or domain(s) will be displayed in Currently-Blocked IP Addresses. 

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