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Files fail FTP transfer

A failed file transfer error message means that your system was unable to establish an FTP connection with the hosting account from the FTP software you are using. There are a few reasons for such problems-

1.  Server Congestion: When too many FTP Clients are being used on a single or group of servers, then the traffic on the server becomes too much to be handled in a given time frame, thereby leading to problems during a process of file transfer.

2.  Files Overload: There are only so many files that a FTP software can handle at a time. Overloading FTP software with too many files at once will prove to be a hindrance and cause clogging in the software thereby leading to failures during file transfers.

3.  File Size and Format: Each FTP software has a predefined set of formats in which files should be transferred. For example, suppose you have an image file that is to be sent over FTP and its format is “.JPEG”. But your FTP supports only formats of “.PNG”, “.JPG”, etc and not “.JPEG”, then clogging the software with unreadable or unsupported formats will result in the files not being transferred. In the same way, there is a pre-set boundary of file sizes which should not be exceeded. Say the limit for one file is 5 MB, but you exceed it and upload a 7 MB file anyway, then transferring it is not an option at all since it is not supported over the network.

4.  Antivirus Blocking: Your computer system’s antivirus software, in rare cases, might start blocking the FTP software and its transfers, mid-way. This may be due to either the antivirus software being outdated and behaving erratically, or because of an actual virus found during the transfer process.

5.  FTP Software: There might be a glitch in the FTP software itself and hence it may not be functioning properly. You have to check regularly for the updates released for the software and update accordingly so that new features may be supported and it becomes easier for you to use.

6.  Firewall Blocks: Most computer Operating Systems (OS) come with an inbuilt firewall that is designed to block unauthorized access either from or to a designated network. Depending on the FTP software you use, you have to configure the firewall to allow for the file transfers. Sometimes, the firewall may be malfunctioning and block the file transfers mid-way. Make sure that firewall is updated regularly, as and when the updates are being released so that the firewall is compatible with your FTP software.

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