What is a domain?

/What is a domain?

Creating and using FTP accounts

By default, your Hoasted hosting account comes equipped with an (s)FTP login. The default login credentials for this is as follows:

Username Your cPanel username (like mydomai1)
Password Your cPanel password (like 30i7h3#6=9)

ftp.yourdomainname.com OR
srv07.hoasted.com (replace with your server)
Protocol Choose sFTP if possible, otherwise FTP
Port in case you use sFTP          22
Port in case you use FTP        21

When you login with your cPanel username and password, you have access to all the files and folders.

Extra FTP accounts

When you need to create an (s)FTP login, with access to just one folder, you are able to add extra (s)FTP accounts. This is particularly useful when giving somebody access to a folder, without giving them access to your whole account or all folders.

Creating an account with access to all folders:

  1. Login to your cPanel
  2. Go to FTP accounts
  3. Under ‘Add FTP account’, fill in a username
  4. Choose a password
  5. Under ‘Directory’, type ‘public_html

You now have a FTP account that can access all files and folders within the ‘public_htmlof your account. All files you upload in this folder, will show up on your website. If you for example upload image.jpg in your public_html folder, the image can be visited by anyone via your domainname.com/image.jpg .

Extra FTP accounts

Extra FTP account for subfolder only

When creating an extra FTP account, and you want it to have access to only one folder (for example ‘specialfolder’), you change the directory in step 5 above to public_html/specialfolder. You can also do this for subfolders like public_html/specialfolder

For example: I have a demo website set up mydomainname.com/testwebsite

Extra FTP account for subfolder only

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