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Can I change my cPanel username?

Changing the username of your cPanel account depends on the kind of hosting plan you have bought from your provider. A username is an essential part of the hosting account you have. So it is recommended that you go through the details of your hosting plan in order to determine if you can change your username or not.

Note: There are certain ramifications to changing the username of your cPanel account. This is because the Cpanel makes use of your account’s username in several ways. Therefore, before changing it, you should keep a few things in mind.

1. When you change the username, then you also need to update the configuration files that your website depends on, accordingly. Any or all active websites may stop functioning suddenly, so you have to choose a time or day when your website traffic is less and then proceed in order to downsize the consequences that may affect the site.

2. Be sure to make sufficient and full backups of your account before implementing the changes. This will prevent data loss should any adversity arise.

3. Your MySQL database should also reflect the changes made in your cPanel account, so check them to ensure that no files or details are missing.

4. All the files that use the prior username, as well as the database username will have to updated appropriately.

5. If the account is large in size, say 5-6 GB, then you need to open or get a Support Ticket issued to make the necessary changes implemented. This is because the Cpanel account may time out during the change process and it may be left in an unsteady state.

There are also a few parameters to be followed through for changing the username:

  • Choose a unique username and not something that is similar or relatable to the old one. It must also have characters of 16 or fewer in number.
  • It must be made up of only letters and numbers and not any special characters.
  • If you are using a database engine like MySQL, then the first 8 characters must be unique in order to mitigate the chances of errors related to database prefixing and account transfers.

Few other points to remember:

1. Your new username must not only be unique but also should be of the same length or shorter, since a lengthier name may result in MySQL shortening the account’s database names and usernames which would be problematic.

2. You will not be able to use the websites associated to this cPanel account while the data is being transferred to the newly created username.

3. The home directory of the user is also renamed with the new one.

4. The functional stability and integrity of the account after the transfer is completed, should be checked and verified.

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