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How to enable Cloudflare Railgun for your cPanel account?

What is CloudFlare Railgun?​​

CloudFlare Railgun is a network optimizer which makes sure that your server and the CloudFlare network, which have a connection established, have as fast a connection as possible. Railgun achieves this by compressing hitherto un-cacheable web entities up to an almost statistical range of 99%. The technique used is similar to that in compressing a high quality video file. The result is that the performance is boosted by an additional 200% average, thereby ensuring really fast connectivity.

How it works?

When a file, like a web page, is not found in the cache storage after a request has been made for the same, an HTTP connection to your server is made to request for the said web page. This request is the one which Railgun boosts, accelerates and secures.

Enabling CloudFlare Railgun

Before you enable CloudFlare Railgun in your cPanel, make sure that you have enabled CloudFlare for the domain first.

1.  Navigate to CloudFlare and enable it.

Cloudflare Railgun cpanel

2.  On the CloudFlare page, click Performance.

The CloudFlare Performance section will be displayed.

You’ll notice the enabled CloudFlare which is indicated in orange cloud.

Cloudflare Railgun settings

3.  Click Settings.

The CloudFlare Performance Settings section will be displayed.

4.  By default, Account Type is Free, Development Mode is enabled, Always Online is On, Automatic IPv6 is off and Caching Level is Aggressive.

5.  Select the Railgun from the drop down list and click On.

The Cloud Flare Railgun will be enabled.

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