What is a domain?

/What is a domain?

Restore Backups

We default create backups for all accounts, which we make available from cPanel itself. The backups are saved on three different spaces: on the server itself, in the same data center and also in an external data center.

We backup all accounts several times per day and these backups are made available in the acount itself, using the blue Backups icon. These backups are not stored in your own diskspace.

Open the backup section

You can restore files and databases from backups using your cPanel account, you can even restore one file. For this you log in on the cPanel in question and click Tools > Backups.

Resellers be ware: Logging in using WHM is not possible to get access to the backups. It is necessary to login as end user using the cPanel username and password and then click (Hoasted) Backups.

Restore files

On the line of the date/time stamp you will see four icons. The icon on the left is the one to click if you want to restore files from the backup:

Double click on the folder /home and after that e.g. on the public_html folder.

Select the files and or folders you want to restore. For example to restore all files in the public_html folder, you select that folder:

Then click the Restore Selected button on top of the screen:

Restore database

In case you want to restore a database, take these steps:

  1. Click on the icon below. From there you can select a database. Make sure that you download a backup of the existing database, as restoring deletes the current database content.
  2. Then click on the pink arrow pointing right
  3. You will get a list of databases. Select the database you want to restore and click the Restore Selected button:
  4. A menu will open in which you can see the progress of the restore process. As soon as a notice appears that the restore of the backup is finished, everything is ready. On average this can easily take up between 10 and 20 minutes. It might take longer if you have e.g. a large webshop database.

Option: Download database backup

Due to limits of the architecture and the R1Soft software it is not possible technically to backup a database directly. You have got two alternatives:

Option 1

In cPanel go to naar “Backup” en klik daar op “Download a MySQL Database Backup”. Dat is een backup die iedere nacht wordt gemaakt van het gehele account.

On a number of servers you have to go to Jetbackup > Database backups:

Choose the right date and click Generate Download. Click OK when you get a warning that you can have only one backup on the server.  The website shows now: Download in progress. When finished it shows the Download button, click that and the download to your computer will start.

Option 2

  1. You can export your current database using PHPMyAdmin
  2. Restore the database using Hoasted backup (see above)
  3. Download the restored database
  4. Restore the existing database you have downloaded in step 1.

Optional: Jetbackup

Jetbackup creates a backup each night and these backups are kept 14 days. Using cPanel > Jetbackup you can restore a complete cPanel account, files, databases and email accounts.

Restore files with Jetbackup

In case you can’t restore files from the Hoasted Backup mentioned above, you can alternatively use Jetbackup.
In your cPanel go to Jetbackups. For restoring file(s) and/or folder(s), click the File Backups icon:

You will then see the following screen with a backup per night:

Click the  File Manager of the date you want to be restored.
Click on the folder name if you want to restore a file or folder within that folder, e.g. the public_html folder where your website files are located.

Select the folder(s) and/or file(s) you want to restore and click the Restore selected files knop

Example: restore the e-mail inbox messages using JetBackup of last night

In cPanel > Jetbackup > click File Backups:

Click the File manager of last night:

Scroll downwards and click the folder name mail:

From there, click the foldername with the right domain name and within that the email account you want to restore, e.g. info. Open the Cur folder and select the emails you want to restore:

and click the Restore Selected button:

Open daarna de map New en doe hetzelfde.

Restore database with Jetbackup

In your cPanel click Jetbackup > Database backups:

You will see a list of the last 14 days. Click the Restore button at the line of the right database and date, that needs to be restored. Be ware: your current database-records will be deleted.

Restore email account with Jetbackup

You can restore a complete e-mail account using Jetbackup, be ware: everything in the current account will be deleted, also emails that arrived later. Eventually you can see which emails have been delivered after the restore date in your cPanel > Email > Track delivery.

In cPanel > Jetbackup > click the Email backups icon:

You will see a screen with per date the email accounts. Click on the Restore-button to restore the backup of that email account of the date mentioned.

You will be asked whether it is OK to delete the current email account content and you can if desirable give an email address that get’s a message when this is ready. Large email accounts will need some time to be restored.

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