Reseller program

Do do your work better and faster

Our reseller program

Imagine doing your work faster, better and cheaper, because you have access to a wide range of tools and a team that got your back. Our reseller program makes this reality. We help developers, designers and other professionals in getting the most out of their hosting by offering tools, templates and scripts. With that you can perform your web-tasks in only a fraction of the time you usually need. Building, updating, migrating and maintaining a website or online project becomes a breeze.

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Why join the reseller program?

Whatever you need on the web, we are there for you. From double-checking, to security, till helping you with the functionalities you want in your projects.

Expert support

Our team of experts will help you with even the most technical questions. From css questions till css edits.

Free Server setup

Need a server? We will help you in setting it up, configuring it and making the most of it. The way you want it.

Power tools

There is so much to automate. For example perform an email or website migration in just one third of the time.

PHP optimization tweaks

We advise you how to tweak your php settings for optimal speed and performance in your situation.

Optimization advice

Every website can be optimized for speed, SEO and security. We are happy to tell you how to make improvements.

Developer account

Every reseller will get a free developer account with unlimited space. Perfect to host the work you develop for customers.

Plugins and themes

Especially for our resellers, we have pre-configured Wordpress installations. Already filled with the best plugins.

SSH access

With us you get instant Shell/SSH access, so you can for example connect your Github or Bitbucket account for version control.

Full snapshot access

You will have access to all the account snapshots from last 3 days, 3 weeks and 3 months.

We help you grow your business

With Hoasted at your disposal you grow, scale and develop even faster. With access to our tools, resources and event you can develop your own projects faster, better and cheaper.

Do things faster

  • We migrate new customers for you
  • Stuck with a bug? We fix it for you.
  • Help with htaccess rewrites
  • Let us do bulk migrations for you
  • Client management dashboard

Learn new things

  • We teach you how things work
  • How to migrate sites in under 10min
  • Htaccess examples
  • Access to scripts
  • Speed optimization guides

Make more money

  • 15% commission on hosting
  • Discount on Hoasted services
  • Free developer account
  • Free bulk images size reduction
  • Free security analysis


You have probably experienced it: a problem in your website where you have no clue of how to fix. Whether it is something with the CSS, HTML, or PHP, it all can be very frustrating. Worry no more, because as a Hoasted reseller, we got your back. Our reseller support goes beyond the regular support. We will find a solution to your problem or challenge, even if it requires us to dive into your Wordpress code. From now on no web problem is actually a real problem anymore. You can offer your customers more, because you know we support you in everything.

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Professional features built for you.

We understand your situation. Many clients, multiple websites to manage and never enough time. When you host with us, you will get that time back by having access to our powerful time saving features and technical support that helps you grow.


Our security system scans accounts on malicious code and keep them free of embarrassing hacker takeovers.

Free Priority Support

Service and support that exceeds your expectations. Fast, reliable and all-inclusive. Satisfaction guaranteed.


Your favorite application installed and upgraded in seconds. Preconfigured, fast and completely for free.


We proactively monitor to ensure absolute performance and uninterrupted site uptime.


Access your client area and control panel via any device. Manage your products and services on the move.


You want to be able to customize settings according to your own needs, without limitations. You can with us.


We give you full, unrestricted access to all your account backups via our web-based 1-click restore manager.


Get your site moved by us for free. Pain-free and without downtime. Let us do the heavy lifting for you.

Ready to join us?

Joining the Hoasted reseller program is completely free, and does not require any membership fees. If you are a designer, developer or creative, and you are able to resell our products to your customers, you can join. We strongly believe that when we help you grow by providing you with the best service and support for you and your customers, we can grow together. Looking forward to having you.

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