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What is Microsoft Office 365?

Office 365 is a set of Internet services that allows you to use the familiar Office software in the cloud. It consists of online services and applications on your desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile phone. Hoasted links email addresses to your own domain name instead of, and you can make use of the familiar Outlook online environment in a professional form. The applications on your desktop are similar to Microsoft Office, but with Office 365 you always have access to the latest version, both online (in the browser) and offline (on your device).

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Office 365 for your business

Office 365 gives you the right tools to be able to work, always and everywhere, at home or in the office, on any device. The new features ensure that you can work quickly and efficiently. The Office apps make it easy to create and share documents, you can manage your calendar and much more. All in the same familiar interface, optimized for your device.

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Why Office 365?


All your work will be automatically saved in the cloud. You and your co-workers will have access to all emails, documents and appointments regardless of where you are and what device you are on. It will allow you to work far more productively.


Because everything is in the cloud you will never lose anything. You are the manager of all your documents and can share them with anyone at any time. Microsoft guarantees that you can access your data anywhere and are the only one who can (unless you share your data actively).


You will never again need to install software to manage your emails, agenda or office programs. All you need is an internet browser. Office 365 takes care of updates for optimal functioning so you can focus on what you are good at.

Ideal for teamwork

Working together how you want, whenever you want. Collaborate on documents and make sure that everyone stays organized and up-to-date with shared notebooks. Keep in touch via mobile Office apps on Windows, Android ™ - and Apple® devices. The online file storage makes it easy to collaborate with coworkers and clients. Your files are always up to date so you can be sure everyone is using the latest version from the OneDrive cloud storage.

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Office 365 gives priority to safety

Focus on what's important. Use the intelligent solutions from Office 365 to create documents together, and manage your email and calendar without leaving Office. Security and privacy are paramount in Office 365, keeping your data safe in the cloud has the highest priority. Therefore, Office 365 meets both ISO 27001 and ISO 27018.

Why Hoasted for Office 365?

Certified Microsoft partner

Hoasted is a certified partner of Microsoft and Office 365. This means we have all experience and knowledge in house to help you set up and manage your Office 365.

Complete installation

We provide a fully installed version of Office. We have years of experience in migrating emails and documents to the cloud. You don't need to worry about anything.

Full support

You choose on which PCs, Macs, tablets or phones (Windows, iPad or Android) you want to install Office. If you have questions, we are there to help you.

Office 365 plans start from € 4,20 p/m VAT per user per month.

hoasted is an official office 365 partner