We care about you and your time

You will be twice as fast with us

Stop wasting time.

Hoasted is the easiest way to build and grow online. Our goal is for you to make the most out of your time. All our systems are ready for automation and super easy to control from a single, powerful admin panel.

The things that you used to do with your former host, will now be taken care of for you. No more wasting time. From now on it is spending time on that what you do best.

We provide a range of the best tools and solutions for all hosting types and sizes. Actually useful, and included in all packages at no extra cost. Easy like the click of a button.

If you need it, there’s help and support from a trained professional. If you want, we will teach you how to do things faster, smarter and better. What you want to understand, we will show and explain you.

We make web hosting fun and a breeze. Let us show you how to make the most out of it.

faster and better web hosting

We care about you and your time

We help you in doing things faster and better

  • Free site and email migration
  • No backups needed anymore
  • Your favorite app installed in under 2 minutes
  • Smart notifications
  • Get started immediately
  • Peace of mind while building and learning

Free site and email migration

Let us help you in migrating to Hoasted. Sit back and relax while your domain, website and email will be transferred to Hoasted by real people. Seamless transfers and with zero downtime. We will do all the work for you for free. Fast and completely pain-free.

Smart notifications

All our systems are connected to a smart notifications system, and you can get opt in to get notified about changes to you website, like available updates, stats, backups etc. A smart way to manage, completely private and secure.

No backups needed anymore

We take care of backups for you. We take a snapshot of your full account every day, and store multiple daily, weekly and monthly versions for you. With most plans, you can restore any of these snapshots yourself at all times. Where other’s charge for this, we don’t!

Get started immediately

With us you get immediate activation. Even if your domain transfer is not officially processed yet, you can already get started. We offer free Wordpress, Bootstrap and Joomla templates and step by step tutorials. When you are stuck, our support team will help you out.

Your favorite app installed in under 2 minutes

Installing an application like WordPress can be done in under 2 minutes without technical knowledge. We even have them preconfigured with the best plugins, optimized for speed and functionality! Manage, backup and restore your website easily with a single click.

Peace of mind while building and learning

You can play around and try things safely, without worrying that you will break things. In case you mess up something, whether it needs fixing or restoring, we are always ready to help you out. You can even set up staging environments and configure external backups to Dropbox, S3 or FTP.