Our difference

Amazing support and the highest quality

Start expecting everything.

When you host with us, you get access our powerful technology, enterprise security and our savvy support. We will save you time and help you succeed online.


Our security system scans accounts on malicious code and keep them free of embarrassing hacker takeovers.

Free Priority Support

Service and support that exceeds your expectations. Fast, reliable and all-inclusive. Satisfaction guaranteed.


Your favorite application installed and upgraded in seconds. Preconfigured, fast and completely for free.


We proactively monitor to ensure absolute performance and uninterrupted site uptime.


Access your client area and control panel via any device. Manage your products and services on the move.


You want to be able to customize settings according to your own needs, without limitations. You can with us.


We give you full, unrestricted access to all your account backups via our web-based 1-click restore manager.


Get your site moved by us for free. Pain-free and without downtime. Let us do the heavy lifting for you.

Stop wasting time.

You have a business to run, and every minute counts. You don't want to worry about your website and get your work done fast. You need to be sure your data is safe, backed up and looked after. Whether you are hosting a blog or a complex e-commerce business, we make hosting a breeze and help you in getting the most out of it. Your satisfaction is our priority!

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Our difference

With us, you get way more than you expect. We understand as no oone else that you have limited time and a million other things to do. This is why we take care of things for you and ensure absolute performance. We keep accounts safe and protected, while empowering you to perform custom settings. Get rid of your frustrations and make the most out of your hosting today.

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Best in class service and support

We will help you. Fast.

  • We respond fast and effective
  • Full support for every customer
  • We won’t stop till you are 100% satisfied
  • We will teach you
  • Trained, on site experts
  • Proactive support

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We care about you and your time

We help you in doing things faster and better

  • Free site and email migration
  • No backups needed anymore
  • Your favorite app installed in under 2 minutes
  • Smart notifications
  • Get started immediately
  • Peace of mind while building and learning

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You are in full control

Control your account without limitations

  • Full DNS record access
  • Change MX records
  • SSH / Shell access
  • Changes in memory limits
  • Fully customizable php.ini
  • FTP accounts on single folders

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Top notch architecture

Lightning fast enterprise performance

  • Easy to use control panel
  • SSD only cloud
  • Multi layers of caching
  • Guaranteed resources
  • Fully scalable
  • Extremely fast from anywhere in the world

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Enterprise grade security

Hosting with 99% less security threats

  • Highly secure hosting environment
  • Managed updates and patching
  • Security audits and code reviews
  • Real-time thread detection
  • Double redundant
  • Full privacy

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Our customers are our biggest fans

The greatest reward is watching our customers succeed. Here is what they have to say about Hoasted. See for yourself or read more on trustpilot.com.

hoasted reviews

Partner for life

Hosting more than 100 customers here and I am very, very satisfied. Very good support reachability, even on weekends. A boatload of interesting free services included that are constantly supplemented/updated. Thinking along with individual customers, which I appreciate. I am very excited and can highly recommend and encourage others to go with Hoasted!


Hoasted = Great support

Hoasted provides very fast and reliable support. All my tickets are responded and solved within 10 minutes, whether it's in the early morning, late at night, on week days or on a Sunday. Hoasted is great partner when you want to scale your business.


Great company with personal touch and outstanding customer service.

After a few years, having several hosting packages here and there I was fed up. I was done with the do-it-yourself server approach. When I started contacting Hoasted it was soon clear; they know what they are talking about and can provide me with full service. The migration of my email accounts and websites went smoothly, exactly as promised. Lovely isn’t it? If you 're looking for a party that does go the extra mile for you, this is it. And they are also fun to be around - not unimportant.


Enterprise features for everyone.

The most powerful technology is included for every customer to ensure the highest performance and blazing speeds for your website.

hoasted upscaling


Dynamically scale resources without any downtime or restarts. Scale up instantly to up to an maximum of 8gb ram and 8 cores per account.
website speed


Our multi-layer caching technology turbo-charge your website speed significantly. Handle all traffic needs with this massive scalability and speed.
install SSL certificates


Install SSL certificates fast on any site. Our backend is fully encrypted and you account is already preconfigured to work with your own SSL certificates.
fast international website


Your website cannot load any faster internationally. An average 200% additional performance increase with the included Cloudflare PRO service.