How do I setup my email in Microsoft Outlook concept

How do I setup my email in Microsoft Outlook?

Outlook is a personal information manager from Microsoft. Though primarily used as an email application, its secondary uses include being useful as a calendar, task manager, contact manager, note making journal and also web browsing.

Creating an email in Outlook is quite easy. Before doing that, make sure that you have the following prerequisites –

  • Your domain name
  • Your email address
  • Your email password.
  1. In Microsoft Outlook, navigate to Tools >E-mail Accounts.

Microsoft Outlook settings

The E-mail Accounts wizard will be displayed. 

Email Accounts wizard

2. Check the radio button in the Add a new e-mail account field.

3. Click Next.

The Server Type wizard will be displayed.

Server Type wizard

4. Check the radio button in the POP3 or IMAP field.

5. Click Next.

The Internet E-Mail Settings wizard will be displayed.

 Internet Email Settings wizard

6. Enter the first name and last name of the user in the Your Name text entry box.

7. Enter the email address of the user in the E-mail Address text entry box.

8. Enter your email account password in the Password text entry in the Incoming mail server (POP3/IMAP)text entry box. 

10. Enter the incoming mail server for POP in the Incoming mail server (POP3/IMAP) text entry box. This is either ​hoasted.email or ​myfasthosting.email.

11. Enter the outgoing mail server for SMTP in the Outgoing mail server (SMTP)text entry box. This is either hoasted.email or ​myfasthosting.email

12. Click More Settings.

The Internet Email Settings dialog will be displayed.

Internet Email Settings dialog

13. Navigate to Outgoing Server tab.

14. Check the box in the My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication field.

15. If you did not change the SMTP relay section, check the radio button in the Use same settings as my incoming mail server field.

16. If you changed the username and password in the SMTP relay section of your Manage Email Accounts page. Check the radio button in the Log on using field and enter the username and password. The following example assumes you did not change your SMTP relay section in your Manage Email Accounts page.

17. Navigate to Advanced tab.

Internet E-mail settings

18. Change the Outgoing server (SMTP) port to 80 or 3535.

19. Click OK.

The Internet E-mail Settings dialog will be displayed.

Internet E-mail Settings dialog

20. Click Next.

Your account will be set up in outlook.

outlook account

21. Click Finish.

Your email account is now configured in outlook and you can use it to check and reply emails.

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