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WordPress maintenance packages

As an entrepreneur you don’t want to be busy thinking about maintenance of your website or webshop. Everything should work and be fast. You have better thingst to do than thinking about security or installing yet another plugin update.

Even though WordPress itself is very secure, WordPress websites are being hacked regularly. Often the cause is with weak passwords, backdoors in plugins or a bad update policy. Regretfully maintenance of your website is something that has to happen regularly.

To make things easy for you, Hoasted has maintenance packages especially for WordPress websites and WooCommerce webshops. We make sure that your websites, and thus the data of your visitors and users, is protected against attackers or unwanted usage. With WordPress Care of Hoasted all technical management of your website is taken off your hands, and you don’t have to do anything for that.

We ensure and guarantee the safety, speed and stability of your website, so you can concentrate on the growth of your business.

Why outsource?

  • Your plugins always up to date

  • Every month updates

  • Your website always fast

  • Better search engine results

  • Your website always secure

  • We make extra backups for you


We will take care that your website is guaranteed stabile, fast and searchable. Thus your visitors will experience the best load times and user experience.

WordPress onderhoud


For default
WordPress websites

Every month updates

all necessary work for optimal speed, security and stability of WordPress



For WordPress websites
with WooCommerce

Every month updates

all to be done for optimal speed, security, stability, including maintenance of  WooCommerce.



  • Caching settings

  • Basic speed and page optimisation

  • Clean up database and revisions

  • Image optimisation NEW

  • Make images available in webP NEW


  • WordPress core updates

  • Basic plugin updates

  • Database optimisation

  • Error log control


  • Security control

  • Patch vulnerabilities

  • Spam check

  • Control email settings

  • SSL monitoring NEW


  • Blacklist & malware check Google

  • Clean up comments

  • Error notifications

  • Broken link

Frequently asked questions

Who will do these updates?

As we are an advocate of quality, all updates of your website will be done by team members of Hoasted. We don’t outsource these activities, because we know how important your website is for you.

My website is hacked, can you help me?

Sure we can! In case you only want us to remove the malware, that can be done for a one time fee of €149,-. When you however choose to also take a WordPress Care subscription, we halve the one time fee.

Is WordPress Multisite supported as well?

Indeed, however there will be an add on amount on the packages depending the size and complexity  of your multisite. For that, please contact us.

What happens if an update is unsuccessful?

We have a multi-annual experience with WordPress  and know this CMS completely. With every update we do an extensive control and test. In case a functionality can’t be updated or we can’t figure out, we will restore the backup made before the maintenance. We will then contact you to take the next steps in agreement with you.

Am I stuck to a contract?

No, we don’t have any contracts or unclear agreements. You take a package for the minimum of three months and after that you can cancel the subscription at any time.

When can I cancel or change the package?

You can switch package each quarter of a year.

Can I let you maintain a website which is hosted elsewhere?

No, at this moment the maintenance packages are solely available for websites hosted by Hoasted. If you subscribe to a hosting package with WordPress care, we transfer your website and e-mail to Hoasted for free.

I want to move a button, will you do that too?

Within the WordPress care packages, we take care of the technical maintenance of your website. If you want to have visual or functional changes to be done by Hoasted, that is possible as well. Please contact us for that and we will give you an appropriate proposal.

Do you offer a white-label solution as well?

Yes, we offer that. Please contact us for that, so we can discuss the details with you.

Why would I pay for updates?

Just like a car needs regular maintenance, your WordPress installation also needs maintenance. You can do these updates yourself regularly, but probably would need much time to do this well. When we do it for you, we can not only maintain your website fast and efficiently, but also take care for extra’s like speed optimisation and reporting. Using the WP Care service will save you much time, time you can use for your customers.