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As an entrepreneur you don't want to be busy thinking about maintenance to your website or webshop. It must all work and be fast. You do have better things to do than constantly being concerned with the security of your site, or performing the umpteenth plugin update.

Although WordPress itself seems safe, WordPress websites are regularly hacked. Often the cause of this is weak passwords, leaky plugins or a bad update policy. To prevent this, you must have regular maintenance performed on your website.

With WordPress maintenance from Hoasted, all technical management of your WordPress website is completely taken care of, and you don't have to do anything about it anymore. We guarantee and guarantee the safety, speed and stability of your website, so that you can focus on growing your business.

Why outsource?

wordpress maintenance


For all standard
WordPress websites.

24.99/ month *
With annual purchase. Loose
price is 29.99 per month.
woocommerce maintenance


For WordPress site
with WooCommerce.

39.99/ month *
With annual purchase. Loose
price is 49.99 per month.
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All WordPress maintenance activities are performed manually every month by our WordPress experts, which guarantees the best quality. View the advantages of our WordPress maintenance below compared to self-maintenance:
With maintenance Without maintenance
Update plugins Professional by Hoasted Manual and self
Update WordPress Professional by Hoasted Manual and self
Maintenance frequency Monthly When you have time
Speed website Optimized Unchanged
Check for correct operation after updates Yes No
Update conflicts Solved for you Solve it yourself
Risk of security leaks Small Unchanged
Critical vulnerabilities solution Solved for you Solve it yourself

Included in monthly WordPress maintenance





Frequently Asked Questions

Who performs these updates?

Since we are a strong advocate of quality, all updates to your website are performed manually and professionally every month by technical staff from Hoasted support. We do not outsource this work because we know how important your website is to you.

What happens if an update fails?

We have many years of experience with WordPress and fully know our way around this CMS. With every update we do an extensive check and test, both before the updates and after the updates. If a functionality cannot be updated or a code conflict arises, we will restore the previously made backup. In that case we will contact you to take the following steps in consultation.

What if an update does not go well?

If it happens that an update cannot be implemented correctly, we will first restore the website to the version before the update. Then we will discuss the options with you. In some situations, we recommend not updating a specific plugin for the best result, based on experience. It sometimes happens that an individual plugin is not yet ready for the latest WordPress version, which we also take into account when updating. As soon as it is ready for the update, we will still execute this for that plugin (the rest of the plugins are already updated in that case).

Do you also offer white label WordPress maintenance?

Yes we also offer white label WordPress maintenance with us reseller packages. As a reseller, you can outsource the maintenance for your customers to our support in large volumes. Please contact us so that we can make a suitable proposal based on your website volume.

I want to move a button, do you do this too?

Within the WordPress maintenance packages we take care of the technical maintenance of your website. If you would like to have visual or functional changes carried out by Hoasted, this is also possible. Take for this Contact we will make you an appropriate proposal.

Can I also have websites hosted elsewhere maintained?

No, at the moment the maintenance packages only apply to the websites hosted by Hoasted. When purchasing a hosting package with WordPress care, we move your website and email to Hoasted free of charge.

My website has been hacked, can you help me?

Yes we can! If you only want the malware to be cleaned up by us, you can do so for a one-time 199 euro. However, if you also choose to purchase a WordPress Care package, we will do so for a one-off 49 euros.

Why should I pay for updates?

Just as a car needs regular maintenance, your WordPress installation also needs maintenance. You can perform these updates yourself on a regular basis, but you may need a lot of time to do this properly. When we do this for you, we can not only maintain your website quickly and efficiently, but also provide many extras such as speed optimization and reporting. With the WP care service you save a lot of time that you can spend on time for your customers.

Am I tied to a contract?

No, we have no contracts or unclear agreements. You purchase a maintenance package for a minimum of three months at the start, since the start-up costs extra work. You can cancel at any time after the first three months.