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Faster websites have higher conversion rates, better search engine ranking and lower advertising costs. We offer WooCommerce hosting that is guaranteed to be faster and allows you to benefit immediately.

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Why is the review free?
Based on the webshop review, we make a proposal to optimize your webshop through our WooCommerce hosting. Many companies accept these, but the choice is entirely yours. The webshop review is free and without obligation.

Free webshop review

Report full of areas for improvement for more speed and therefore higher conversions and lower ad costs.
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Professional WooCommerce webshops
rely on Hoasted

Various professional web shops entrust their hosting to Hoasted. First for the high performance and also for the extensive support and support.

Do you want to know more?

Read about this about what WooCommerce hosting is about and how we can help you with our no-obligation analysis.

Webshop speed, why is it important?

Ultimately, it is the loading times of a webshop that ensure that your customers are more satisfied, website visitors convert better, improve search engine rankings and also lower any advertising costs of campaigns because of lower click prices. You can make a lot of difference in those areas in particular by choosing a better hosting solution. This is the most sustainable solution in the long term.

What is your working method?

We do a no-obligation performance and return review of your webshop and send you a PDF report after completion. Here you can see how your webshop misses speed gains and returns. We do not need any login details for this.

The moment you want to know what speed gain you can achieve with our hosting and want to experience the actual effect of good hosting, we do a free and non-binding benchmark from your website. We place a copy of your website on our servers on a temporary domain (protected from search engines) and compare it.

We make the comparison independent between the live and copy website, so that you know exactly what the difference is in loading times. We also give you full access to the hosting environment so that you can also test and compare based on your own preference. When you are convinced of what you are now leaving behind, we will move your shop to the desired hosting solution.

How do you guarantee that you are faster?

We offer a unique combination of hardware and software, which is absolutely at the forefront of performance. Hardware always runs on it latest type of servers  (currently AMD Epyc 2020 version with 100% NVMe storage) and in terms of software we choose always for the fastest options in the market (LiteSpeed web server with CloudLinux and cPanel). There are no faster specifications.

Why Hoasted?

The main difference between Hoasted and other parties is that we have an extreme focus on performance and service. We do everything we can to provide any type of hosting as quickly as possible and to answer questions as completely, extensively and quickly as possible with our support department. Our support is very cooperative, informal and accessible in the evenings, also on weekends (Saturday and Sunday + evenings). We also like to show what we have in house, that we want to use all the performance possibilities and want to work for our customers!

Can I ask you questions or can we call?

Of course! Contact our support or schedule a call appointment and we think along with you. We list all options for you and give you clear insight into the steps and possibilities. We will also include other questions or wishes for you on request. We would love to hear how we can help you further!