The best basic webdesign tools

//The best basic webdesign tools

The best basic webdesign tools

In this post we discuss the best tools for:

  • Code editing
  • FTP/SFTP Transfer
  • Image editing
  • Cross browser testing
  • Speed testing

Having the right tools saves you a lot of work. A good ftp/sftp client and code editor save you a lot of frustration. We’ll run through our favorites for both Windows and Mac.

Code editor: Sublime Text

Sublime text 3 code editor The sublime text editor is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. It’s a smart piece of software that structures and color-codes your files making your work a lot easier.

You can download Sublime Text here for free.

FTP Tools

The File Transfer Protocol is the most used may of transferring files to and from web servers.

For Windows

WinSCP Screenshot

We like:

FileZilla is known to a lot of people, but WinSCP is  more versatile and in some cases more stable than FileZilla.


Cyberduck Mac Screenshot

FileZilla is cross platform (also Linux), Cyberduck is a Mac only client that also supports SSH access.

Photo editing: Adobe Photoshop and Gimpshop

Adobe Photoshop CS6

Adobe Photoshop is one of the most well known photo/image editing suites. It is not free like other tools, but can do pretty much anything. The pricing at time of writing is $9.99 a month. If you live in the EU, try switching to dollars as a currency since it is sometimes cheaper.

Free alternative: Gimpshop for Windows, Mac and Linux

Gimpshop Screenshot

Cross Browser Testing: Browsershots and Browserstack

Browsershots browser website testing

When you are designing, you might want to know how your website looks in different browsers. Most designers use Chrome, and are well aware that Firefox sometimes has its own opinions about what your website should look like…

To test your website in different browsers and browser versions, try the free Browsershots or paid Browserstack.

Speed analysis: GTmetrix and

GTmetrix screenshot

The GTmetrix tool analyses your website to see if you have optimal code for speed purposes. If gives you recommendations on how to improve.

Our second tool is webpagetest, which gives you a waterfall analysis of your website. Check out our speed optimization article to learn more about it.

Google speed test

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