Mailpro transactional e-mail

Send outgoing emails extremely quickly or in large volumes.

With Hoasted transactional e-mail, e-mails are sent via separate and specially designed e-mail servers, without having a major influence on the delivery ratio or reputation of your website or domain. A must have for web shops, when sending newsletters or with increasing use of your website or application. Send at lightning speed, send large volumes and insight into usage statistics.

In the communication with your customer, there are e-mails that are sent that do not fall under the regular 'person to person' communication. Think of e-mails for order confirmations, password resets, website updates and marketing e-mails such as newsletters. View the differences below whether or not transactional email in your website or application.

transactional email
MailPro Standard solution
Sends mail via Directly via MailPro SpamExperts mail server
Outgoing send time 0.3 seconds up to 45 seconds
Suitable for sending personal emails Yes Yes
Suitable for sending newsletters Yes No
Suitable for high volume Yes No
Limits for sending No Yes
Bounce management Yes No

When is it necessary?

By default e-mails are sent from the server or your regular mailbox in your hosting account. As this is done through our outgoing spam filter, these emails will only arrive after approximately 45 seconds. With transactional e-mail you can send all marketing, website and application e-mails not only very quickly, but especially securely without running into shipping and security limits.

Packages and prices

Mailpro packages are available from 5.99 euros per month.
This allows you to email up to 10,000 transactional emails per month from one unique domain.

Number of emails Price per month
MailPro 10 (up to 10,000 emails per month)
To order
MailPro 25 (up to 25,000 emails per month)
To order
MailPro 50 (up to 50,000 emails per month)
To order
MailPro 100 (up to 100,000 emails per month)
To order
From 100,000 a month Get in contact

Optional extra services

  • Set up Mailpro in WordPress or Joomla (free of charge)
  • Setup MailPoet newsletter module with templates (one-time 99)
  • Set up newsletter registration form on website (one-off 49)
  • Set up a customized newsletter template (one-time 99)
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Frequently Asked Questions

When do you want the transactional mail server?

A subscription to the Hoasted Transactional Mail server is recommended in the following cases:
  • You regularly send larger numbers of emails from the website
  • You regularly send mailings via the mail server.
  • You want the sent mails to be delivered faster.
  • You want to ensure that the chance of entering the recipient's spam folder is minimal
  • You regularly come across shipping limits.

When is transactional mail server interesting?

If you regularly send mailings from more than 100 recipients, or send more than 50 mails per day, this subscription is recommended. Then you do not come up against the limit of maximum number of messages per hour or the maximum bounces. The benefits are therefore deliverability, scalability and reliability.

How much faster is my mail with the recipient

E-mails sent via the transactional mail server are on average in 0.3 seconds. The standard outgoing mail can take up to 45 seconds. In exceptional cases, several minutes.

Will mail also arrive in the recipient's spam folder?

Everything is set up so that receiving mail servers see that they are legitimate mails that have been set up correctly. So the chance that an e-mail still comes in the spam folder of the recipient has therefore been greatly reduced.

Why does the cPanel server limit transmission?

Sometimes a website is hacked and immediately misused to send massive spam. The measure to limit the maximum number of mails per hour and the maximum number of bounces is intended to minimize this in such a case. The sending cPanel server will not be blacklisted even if spam was sent.