Cloud storage

Always a backup of your important files.

Having a backup available at all times is crucial for your important files. And that regardless of where in the world you are or what device you are behind. That is why it is a good idea to use Cloud Storage (Cloud Storage). Your files are then in a closed area on a server on the internet where only you with your user name and password can access to place or download files. 

Always access to your files

Even if a computer, tablet or mobile fails: your files are still available. Always and from anywhere in the world!
100% cloud

Cloud storage

Save backups and files in the cloud

When there is a need to copy a local PC, NAS or other form of data to storage in the cloud on a daily basis, Cloud Storage is ideal. Nothing changes in the design and layout of your files and folders, everything is only securely copied to an external storage on a daily basis. This means your files are always safe.

Price per month
100GB 5,99 To order
500GB 11,99 To order
1TB 19,99 To order
2TB 29,99 To order
5TB 39,99 To order
10TB 79,99 To order