Dropbox Business

All your files in the cloud.

Dropbox is a central place for all your files. Devices linked to your Dropbox can access the files in your Dropbox. This way you always have all your files available, on all your computers, if you edit a file on one computer, it is also immediately adapted on all other computers. Dropbox Business also allows you to share specific folders with colleagues or customers for smooth collaboration. In practice, you simply have an extra folder on your computer (such as 'My Documents'). Everything you put in this folder is shared with your personal devices. Shared folders in your dropbox are shared directly with the people you share these folders with.

Why Dropbox Business?

Easily share files

You can easily and quickly share specific files or entire folders with customers or colleagues. That way both you and your recipient will always have the most recent file. Confusing e-mails with attachments and version numbers are a thing of the past.

File history

Did you accidentally change or delete a file? With Dropbox Business you get access to version history, with which you can easily go back to an earlier version of a file. No more worries about file versions or incorrect saving.

Automatic backups in the cloud

With all your files stored in the cloud you will never lose anything again. Laptop broken or lost? No problem because everything is in your Dropbox. Forgot a file on another computer? No problem, you can just access it via Dropbox.

dropbox business

Dropbox Business

Great tools to work together for teams

Powerful collaboration, advanced security and control, and all the space you need to work without limitations.

Dropbox for Business licenses

The various license types below, per user per month.

Standard Advanced
Storage area 2 TB / user 5 TB / user
Access anywhere, anytime Yes Yes
256-bit AES and SSL / TLS encryption Yes Yes
Delete externally Yes Yes
Device Approvals No Yes
Administrator levels No Yes
File history 120 days 120 days
Logs for file history No Yes
Monthly invoice costs € 12 / user per month € 18 / user per month
Cost of annual invoice € 10 / user per month € 15 / user per month
To order To order

Transfer files

Transferring existing files is easy based on the different manuals that Hoasted offers. If additional support is required, this can be done on a hourly basis at € 85 per hour. Working digitally remotely or physically on location is both possible.

Frequently asked questions about hosting

What is a Dropbox Business user?

A user is a person or role in your team with a unique email address. Every team member needs its own license. Users can connect their Dropbox accounts with as many devices as they want (PCs, phones, tablets, etc.) at no extra cost.

Can I keep my Dropbox Personal?

Yes, you can set up your devices to use both your personal Dropbox and at the same time to use Dropbox Business.

How does the migration work?

Moving to a Business account is easy! All your content stays the same - your files stay where they are, and all your settings (such as shared folders, relationships, and connected devices) stay the same. For admins, all your team members who are already using Dropbox will get the same experience, and anyone without an existing Dropbox account will be asked to sign up if you send them an invitation.

How much space does my team get?

Teams start with 1 TB (1,000 GB) of space per user. Let us know if you need more space, then we will increase your storage limit.

Do you offer discounts for non-profit or educational institutions?

Yes! Take Contact Please contact our sales team for more information.

What is the minimum number of users needed?

The Dropbox Business basic package starts from at least 3 users.

Can I share files or folders with Basic / Pro users if I have a Business account?

Of course! You can still share files and folders with Dropbox users who are not part of your team's Business account, as long as your Dropbox Business admin has not restricted sharing with external parties. Please note, users outside of your Business account will be limited by their own storage quota. So even though your team has as much space as needed, you cannot share a 5 GB file with a Basic 2 GB account, for example.

What is the difference between Dropbox Business and Dropbox Pro?

With Dropbox Business you get even more features for security, branding and collaboration. For example, you can replace the Dropbox logo for your own logo and you can manage users with different rights. The additional features include unlimited version history, unlimited recovery of deleted files, as much space as you need, live support, and a wide range of admin controls for better control, visibility and management.