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We do everything in our power always the best service to deliver, which means that we are not only quick to respond (minutes instead of hours), but we are also available in the evenings and weekends (until 10.30 pm every day). We know that our partnership is most sustainable and long-term when we let you really help with your questions. No frustrations, long waiting times or sad answers. Your time is limited and if you ever have a question or challenge, you want it solved quickly and well.

Satisfaction guaranteed, we promise. Show us what we've got and starts today yet.
Independent and validated Hoasted hosting ratings and reviews.

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Several major brands and organizations entrust their hosting and online services to Hoasted. Here's what they have to say about Hoasted and why governments, web shops, agencies, web builders and entrepreneurs rate us with a 9.8.
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Hoasted Google review
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Hosting Netherlands review
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“We like to invest time and effort to really help our customers, as that is the key to a long-term collaboration.”
Roger Heijsters
Team leader support
Independent and validated hosting reviews

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We are eager to really help you. We deliver you every day of the week until 10.30 p.m. expert technical support, also during the weekend.

Help with all your questions, thinking along whenever possible and always options. And if it's easier, calling is not a problem at all.

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Why Hoasted?

The main difference between Hoasted and other parties is that we have an extreme focus on performance and service. We do everything we can to provide any type of hosting as quickly as possible and to answer questions as completely, extensively and quickly as possible with our support department. Our support is very cooperative, informal and accessible in the evenings, also on weekends (Saturday and Sunday + evenings). We also like to show what we have in house, that we want to use all the performance possibilities and want to work for our customers!

Can I ask you questions or can we call?

Of course! Contact our support or schedule a call appointment and we think along with you. We list all options for you and give you clear insight into the steps and possibilities. We will also include other questions or wishes for you on request. We would love to hear how we can help you further!