Moving reseller hosting

Easily switch to reseller hosting.

When you have placed multiple websites, email and domains with another provider, you can with the right tools and approach, simple and without hassle or downtime move to you white label reseller hosting package.

Whether you the want to have hosting move performed through our support or rather transfer it yourself, whether it concerns one website or hundreds of websites. For reseller hosting customers we offer the possibility to transfer hosting, email and domains in bulk at attractive volume discounts.

You choose the method that you find most comfortable. Below you will find all the bulk removal options, each of which we explain in detail.

  1. Full service relocation only email accounts →
  2. Full service relocation only websites →
  3. Full service transfer only domains & DNS →
  4. Complete reseller switch →
  5. Bulk cPanel to cPanel import →
  6. Root access migration (only possible with root access) →
  7. Moving website, email and domains yourself →
Moving hosting for resellers

Moving to Hoasted is possible
from any hosting system or platform

When your websites are built on the basis of WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Laravel, PHP or HTML, a switch is possible from any hosting system, platform or provider.

Have email accounts moved

Moving full service email
At a mailbox transfer (email migration) we do everything necessary to transfer a mailbox from the existing provider to the new one. All emails, attachments and existing folder structure we transfer copies to the new environment, without e-mails being lost and without interruption of accessibility (no downtime). In the meantime, the mailbox will continue to work and we will leave the existing emails in the existing environment unchanged.

Email can be transferred from any type of provider and migrated to email solutions from Hoasted email (cPanel), Microsoft Office 365 or Google Workspace. A migration can be done to an existing mailbox as well as to a new mailbox. Combining two mailboxes is also possible with a mailbox migration.

Work email migration
Below is an overview of the various activities and checks that we perform for you with every mailbox move, regardless of whether it is part of a bulk move or not.
 1. Communication about wishes and login details      -
2. Create mailbox (if not already present)
3. First mailbox synchronization
4. DNS and name server conversion
5. Second mailbox synchronization
6. Control and communication on completion
Email hosting
Number of mailbox migrations Cost per mailbox
1 to 9 € 15,00
10 to 24 € 12,50
25 to 49 € 10,00
50 to 99 € 7,50
100 or more € 5,00
Contacts and calendars
Optionally, we can also carry out special requests in the field of files (Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive), calendar and contact migration as additional work for you. Contact our support for the possibilities.
Number of migrations Price per migration
Individual website €49,00
2 to 4 €44,95
5 to 9 €39,95
10 to 24 €34,95
25 to 49 €29,95
50 to 99 €24,95
100 or more €19,95

Lead time
By default, a migration is scheduled in consultation and, depending on the volume, it can take several weeks. If you have a specific deadline or want to move urgently, please contact our support.

Moving websites

Moving full service website
At a website relocation we do everything necessary to transfer a website from the existing provider to the new one. We take all the work off your hands from start to finish and we also do a full check on various aspects.

We also include everything that we consider to be the modern standard, such as a full SSL connection, resolving any mixed content and the setting up LiteSpeed caching.

When we get access to the DNS in addition to WordPress and sFTP, we literally take all the work off your hands. That's how you can switch quickly and easily.
Steps and activities website migration
Below is an overview of all the steps and activities that we perform for you with every full-service website relocation, regardless of whether it is part of a bulk relocation or not. You only provide the data and we take care of the rest.
1. Collect + deliver sFTP and website      -
2. Checking and testing login details
3. Transfer files and database
4. Local check website operation & malware scan
5. Fine tuning settings & caching
6. Database settings optimization (incl. InnoDB conversion)
7. Inherit DNS zone content (MX, SPF, A, etc)
8. DNS and name server conversion
9. Install SSL + Resolve Mixed Content
10. Control from support + communication with reseller
11. Control from reseller + end customer communication      -

Have domains and DNS moved

Moving full service DNS zone
With this type of relocation, we put all existing DNS records transfer to your Hoasted environment, we propose your white label name servers for you in and we transfer the domains to your account. You use this service when:

  1. You still have different domains with different domain providers and you would like to have everything together in one place (consolidate domain portfolio).
  2. You no longer want to manage DNS zones from different environments, but want to be able to manage everything from your reseller package / cPanel / WHM.
  3. You want to have a professional whois appearance towards your customers and provide all domains with your own white label reseller information.
Steps DNS and domain migration
With a full service domain and DNS transfer, we go through the steps below. In addition, there is no downtime at all applicable, so that this move can be carried out at any time.
 1. Submit logins or zone files      -
2. Check current + desired settings
3. Creating your white label name servers
4. Adopt DNS zone content (MX, SPF, A, etc)
6. Checking records and SPF validation
7. Nameserver conversion (white label)
8. Request moving codes
9. Move domains to your customer account
9. Follow-up
Bulk transfer domains.
Gradual prices
Below is an overview of the prices that we apply if you only want to move DNS zones. If you already purchase a full service website or email transfer, DNS and domain-related activities are already included free of charge with the relevant service and do not have to be purchased separately.
Number of domains + DNS zones By domain
Individual DNS takeover € 29,00
2 to 4 dns takeovers € 20,00
5 to 9 dns takeovers € 15,00
10 to 24 dns takeovers € 12,50
25 to 49 dns takeovers € 10,00
50 or more on request

Especially for new resellers

Complete hosting move
Especially for new resellers, we offer the opportunity to take advantage of our complete switching offer in the first 30 days after creating a new reseller package. In this we transfer all websites, e-mail accounts, domains and DNS zones of you and your customers completely for you. Everything as described above is included in the full service removal services for a very low and one-time fixed fee.

The total one-time costs are determined based on the number of websites you manage, which includes unlimited email accounts and DNS zone transfer.
Current solution size One-off costs
up to 10 websites €249 (€25 each) temporarily free of charge
up to 20 websites €400 (€20 each) temporarily 129 euros all-in 🚀
up to 25 websites € 437.50 (€ 17.50 each) temporarily 149 euros all-in 🚀
up to 50 websites € 750,- (€ 15,- each) temporarily 199 euros all-in 🚀
up to 75 websites €937.50 (€12.50 each) temporarily 249 euros all-in 🚀
up to 100 websites € 1000,- (€ 10,- each) temporarily 299 euros all-in 🚀
up to 250 websites € 1875,- (€ 7.50 each) temporarily 399 euros all-in 🚀
250 or more on request
Conditions for complete transfer
  • Your hosting is currently hosted by another provider
  • You are a new Hoasted Reseller customer
  • You intend to switch completely and have everything moved
  • You provide us with all login details and moving codes in one overview
  • We gain access to existing DNS zones and settings
  • Bulk relocation starts within 30 days after purchasing reseller package
Move your hosting in bulk yourself.

Moving websites, email and domains yourself

Moving customers or hosting yourself

In case you want to transfer one or more websites, mailboxes and domains, we recommend using our very wide range of moving manuals and tools for all parts from start to finish. In this we explain step by step how to carry out a move for your customers in the smartest way without any downtime.

  1. Manuals moving website (in every possible way)
  2. Manuals moving email accounts
  3. Transfer domains manuals (including DNS transfer)
  4. Tool for email migration (move mailboxes yourself free of charge)
  5. Templates for customer communication (texts about relocation)

Our support is also always on standby for you to help with questions.

Individual conversion with a fixed price

Root migration

This option is the fastest method of transfer, but only applicable if you have root access to the server(s) where you now manage your customers. This highest form of access only applies when you purchase a VPS or Dedicated Server from your existing hosting party.

With this form of access, we can perform a live migration on a large scale. For example, without downtime and at very low cost, we can provide a complete cPanel / WHM or Plesk server move to your new reseller solution.

We can determine the exact possibilities and costs after we have checked the login and current configuration, but this is by definition lower than all the other options mentioned above. Contact our support for the possibilities.

Root migration
From cPanel / WHM (up to 10 accounts / addons) € 99,00   temporarily free of charge
From cPanel / WHM (up to 50 accounts / addons) € 129,00
From cPanel / WHM on request
From Plesk on request
From DirectAdmin on request
Other control panels on request
Bulk transfer with root access.
cPanel to cPanel import.

Fast cPanel to cPanel transfer

Bulk cPanel to cPanel import

When you come from cPanel we can generate a backup within the cPanel account, which we import to your reseller package. This is not a live transfer, but it is a complete transfer of all data and settings. No root access is required for this migration, just the login of the cPanel account itself or access to the WHM environment. 

When you have this setup, this form of moving is absolutely recommended as all email login details of the mailboxes unchanged and no separate email migration is required. Since this form of import saves a lot of actions, it is still a lot cheaper than a bulk import of websites and email separately.

cPanel account import
Single cPanel import € 29,00
2 to 4 € 27,00
5 to 9 € 25,00
10 to 24 € 22,50
25 to 49 € 20,00
50 to 99 € 17,50
100 or more € 15,00
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Consult without obligation with a specialist

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a maximum size for the websites?

No, we can move all sizes of websites and there is therefore no limit on the size of the website for the moving process. However, if you have a website larger than 20Gb, we must take into account that the final hosting solution also has sufficient storage capacity.

How long is the turnaround time for a move?

In most cases we can arrange an individual migration within one working day and where possible even faster than that.

A bulk migration is planned in consultation and may take longer depending on the volume and current settings. This has to do with the existing DNS settings and transfer time of some domain name extensions.

Ideally, we recommend starting the move three weeks before the desired date. If you have a specific deadline or want to move urgently, please contact our support for the possibilities.

Do you also move outside working hours?

By default, all removals are carried out during office hours (Monday to Friday between 9 am and 5 pm). All relocations are standard with minimal to no downtime. If desired, we offer options for evening, weekend or night migrations at an additional cost. Contact us for the possibilities.

What if there is malware in one of my sites?

If the website still functions, we always have a solution to professionally clean this up for you. If it costs us little extra time, we will do this free of charge and directly for you during the move.

In case it is more complex, we will first discuss your preference. An extensive malware removal costs 49 euros once for resellers and also comes with a 100-day warranty. This way you know for sure that it is completely gone and will not come back.

What happens to the data in the old environment?

We leave this as it is and will remain unchanged. We only convert the DNS so that the traffic ends up in the new environment. You have to cancel the old environment and any subscription yourself after you have checked.

When can I use a root migration?

A root migration is only possible if you have the highest access rights to a VPS or dedicated server. Your username is in most cases 'root' or 'admin' and the service you purchase is usually an unmanaged VPS or unmanaged dedicated server. To be sure, our support is happy to discuss the options for you without obligation.

Where can you assist if I move everything myself?

Especially for resellers who want to transfer data to their Hoasted reseller package, we offer several extra free services:

  • Google Sheet with moving data + DNS insight
  • Google Sheet with DNS insights (NS, A, MX and SPF)
  • Email templates for communication to end customers
  • Bulk whois data customization
  • Bulk whois reseller tag addition (where possible)

What if I have special requests?

That is not a problem at all. Do you have special wishes in the field of IP addresses, settings, configuration, SSH keys or other matters, please let us know. We can arrange almost everything for you with regard to the switch and migration.

Is transferring easy?

Secure. When we have access to both the current domain settings (DNS) and the hosting environment, we can transfer both the email and the hosting without downtime in almost all cases.

Why is a complete move much cheaper?

Complete removals are only possible for new resellers. We offer these all-inclusive removals at cost, so that we encourage you to tackle everything in one go and switch completely. During the move, we immediately go through all the settings and you can be sure that everything is properly arranged right away. This is the most efficient and also the fastest.