How does our reseller hosting work?

All about resources, credits and account types.

As a reseller, you determine the number of cPanel hosting accounts you want to create and how much storage (NVMe), working memory (RAM) and processors (CPU) an individual cPanel account receives. 

Each reseller package comes with a certain number of credits. By default, you create one for one credit personal hosting type cPanel account on, in addition to your chosen storage space (in Gb's). 512MB of RAM (random access memory) is included with 1 CPU (processor). If desired, you can upgrade this performance level. More about this further down this page.

Since everything within the reseller platform is white label (unbranded), you can offer your customers exactly the hosting you want. Create your own proposition and sell cPanel hosting completely under your own brand and house style. Professional, very flexible and guaranteed the fastest due to the ideal hardware and software design.

Flexibly organize your reseller hosting cPanel processor and working memory.
Reseller 1 5
Reseller 2 10
Reseller 3 20
Reseller 4 40
Reseller 5 80
Reseller 5 expansion 20

Reseller hosting packages

Credits per reseller package

Depending on the amount of hosting accounts you want to create and how much performance these accounts need, you choose an amount of credits. This is equal to the maximum amount of cPanel hosting accounts you can create.

Every cPanel is fully complete and includes e-mail, spam filter, DNS, SSL, web space and own login. Completely shielded from other digital neighbors (containerization), with its own resources and based on our premium LiteSpeed web server. This way you offer your customers an all-in-one hosting solution that is guaranteed to be the fastest.

Depending on the number of websites, customers or projects, you choose the appropriate reseller package or an amount of credits. The more credits, the cheaper the purchase price. Most resellers start with a Reseller 1 and scale the package as customers are added. You can upgrade or downgrade at any time without downtime.

Reseller hosting account types

Additional performance levels

As your number of customers grows, so does the need for additional options. Within our reseller hosting we offer the possibility to combine multiple credits in one cPanel account, to offer your customer one hosting account with extra performance. Handy for e.g. webshops or larger websites.

We offer four different performance types, each of which gets its own resources in its own virtual shielded container (cPanel). The default is the 'Personal' account, in which 512Mb working memory and 1 CPU are included. In addition, we offer three upgrades you can do (see image), with which you upgrade the amount of RAM and processors. This way you can offer the right hosting type for every type of project, whether it is small or large.

You can upgrade or downgrade a cPanel hosting account yourself and at any time from your reseller package. Adjustments are processed immediately and without any downtime. Even if you want to do this for a media or advertising campaign, it is easily arranged.

Reseller hosting account formats

Use reseller credits as you wish

No restrictions and arrange yourself

There are no restrictions on how you can use your credits. You decide whether and which cPanel hosting accounts you upgrade and for how long. This can be adjusted at any time and you decide which account you want under 'Personal' or optionally upgrade to Professional, Business or Enterprise.

With this Reseller package design you also offer your heavier websites, webshops or, for example, campaign sites a very good hosting solution, without having to create a separate hosting account elsewhere. This makes our Reseller packages not only flexible and scalable, but also usable for all your projects.

This way you do not run into limitations and you come across to your customer in a very professional manner. After all, you want to offer options and be able to resell professional hosting services in various shapes and sizes to your end customer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there limits to account changes?

No. You can use your full amount of credits within your reseller package. Whether you only create Personal accounts or upgrade specific cPanel accounts, everything is possible. Changing a cPanel account can be done at any time and costs nothing extra. In addition, adjustments are immediately active and there is no downtime involved!

What is the difference between working memory and storage?

The amount of storage (expressed in Gigabytes / GB) or Megabytes / MB) is the amount of space in a cPanel account to store files.

The working memory, also called RAM, is the space that the package has to process processes. The higher the working memory, the more and faster processes are processed. More working memory means that the hosting account can work quickly for longer.

For a standard WordPress website, 512 MB of RAM is sufficient. As you add more plugins and functionality, the working memory is used more and expanding it is recommended.

What if I want more than 4GB RAM and 3 CPU?

In those cases it is wise to use a LiteSpeed or WooCommerce VPS. Websites or webshops that need such an amount of resources are wise to be placed on their own VPS. 

In this setup, more than 4GB of RAM is possible and unlimited further scaling is possible. In this setup we also offer the possibility to adjust all settings and software modules on a server to the specific wishes, for the best results.

Is the hosting comparable to your own web hosting?

Reseller hosting is built on the same powerful infrastructure that our own Web hosting, WordPress hosting and WooCommerce hosting also runs on. These are AMD Ryzen 9 7950x (brand new) with 100% NVMe storage, where the software solutions are based on CloudLinux, cPanel and LiteSpeed web server. With this you are guaranteed to make a difference for your customers, which is immediately reflected in loading time, conversions, click prices and search engine rankings.

Do the higher performance types have more benefits?

Yes. Although the Personal package already has very detailed and premium specifications, we also provide a few other extras with the Professional, Business and Enterprise types in addition to more RAM and CPU. For example, extra PHP workers, throughput speed, number of database connections and PHP processes are also included.

What about storage space?

Your reseller hosting package has no maximum amount of total NVMe storage space. We do use a maximum of 20Gb storage per individual cPanel hosting account that you create for security, speed and stability. We only count the actual used disk space within that cPanel account, whereby it is good to know that all backups (that you create yourself or that we offer) are completely excluded. With this very large amount of storage per hosting account you can accommodate almost all projects.

Can I also set storage limits for my customers?

Yes, that's possible! There is no limit on the total amount of storage you use as a reseller. You only set the amount of maximum storage per cPanel hosting account, where you can choose between 512Mb, 1Gb, 3Gb, 5Gb, 10Gb and 20Gb storage. This way you can sell your customers a specific amount of space in your own hosting offer, in addition to the type of performance you offer.