Reseller hosting with LiteSpeed

You can sell professional hosting under your own brand with white-label reseller hosting. Based on the newest servers with NVMe storage and the very best premium software, you are guaranteed the fastest solution for your customers. Constructive, complete and scalable.

Reseller hosting packages

Our reseller hosting has literally everything you need to host the fastest websites! Decide for yourself how powerful you create each cPanel account and give your customers their own login where desired. We arrange server management and backups (at least 4x per day of everything) and everything is scalable and adaptable every month.
NVMe disk space
Effective use of your storage space (we arrange backups).
50Gb 75Gb 150Gb 200Gb 250Gb
Included number of cPanel accounts
Maximum number of cPanel hosting accounts you can,
create, where you determine how much working memory
and CPU gets an individual cPanel account.
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Up to 5 to 10 to 20 up to 40 up to 80
White label setup
Custom name servers, logos and branding.
Premium hardware and software with LiteSpeed
Guaranteed the highest performance.
Automatic backups of all your data 4x a day
With unlimited restore, access and extra snapshot function.
Extensive reseller tools
Including bulk Installatron, SSL management and image compression.
Developer setup
Dedicated IP and automatic SSH key setup.
Price per month 19,95

Included features in reseller hosting

Our reseller hosting offer is specifically tailored to volume hosting customers such as agencies, developers and entrepreneurs. All tools to get websites at absolute top level are included, as well as the tools for large-scale management. With a Hoasted reseller package you have everything to use premium hosting for your customers or projects and to take your business to the next level. Both in the field of technology, operation and sales.


Premium performance setup


Access, control and developer friendliness

Support that makes your job easier

Included management tools

Hosting optional extensions

Litespeed cPanel reseller hosting with NVMe

Guaranteed the fastest

With the best combination of hardware and software, you offer your customers the best possible performance.

With our premium 2021 AMD Epyc servers with NVMe storage and LiteSpeed cache is maximum speed guaranteed.

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Rated best on Trustpilot with the best service.
Top rated customer service

Unprecedented, real support

We are eager to really help you. We deliver you every day of the week until 10.30 p.m. expert technical support, also during the weekend.

Help with all your questions, thinking along whenever possible and always options. And if it's easier, calling is not a problem at all.

Advantage of reseller hosting

When choosing hosting for your projects or customers, you want what is best for both you and your customers. Your customers have high expectations and you want to have your affairs well organized so that customers receive quality and your business grows.

Benefit for your customers
Your customers want the best speed, security and stability, because that results in the best findability, lowest advertising costs and ultimately the best conversion.
Benefit for you
You want to grow your business and arrange your hosting as smartly as possible, so that it generates recurring revenues without worrying about maintenance.
Would you prefer to call first before you get started? Which can!

The perfect
base for
your growth.


All the tools to make your work faster and smarter. From working in teams to tools such as bulk webP image compression and conversion.


We help you with all matters for which you have no time, desire or knowledge. From small fixes and debugging to complete installations.


With us you get full control and access to all the tools you need. From SSH, composer, GIT and NPM to the time-saving WP-CLI.


Everything for the best performance, ranking and conversion results. From dedicated IPs to comprehensive optimization services.

Customer reviews

We get the most satisfaction from the fact that we see our resellers becoming more successful. Here's what they have to say about Hoasted and why they and other entrepreneurs, agencies and web builders rate us with a 9.8. Find out for yourself or read more at

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Hoasted premium cPanel hosting.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How many cPanel accounts can I create at most?

This depends on the amount of memory you allocate per cPanel. The smallest amount of memory per cPanel is 512Mb and the largest 8Gb, which also allows you to accommodate heavy applications within your Reseller package. Handy if you want to host a larger website or webshop in your Reseller package.

The number that you can create is the number of units of 512Mb RAM that you allocate. For example, with a 'Reseller 2' package you can allocate up to 10x 512Mb RAM. You are completely flexible how you organize that, whether that is 10x a cPanel with 512Mb of working memory, 5x 1Gb of working memory, or a combination thereof. You can make adjustments to the composition of your layout at any time without extra costs, so that you can use the right amount of resources for each type of application.

What about backups and storage?

We take care of all storage for all backups made. This concerns the backups that we make four times a day of all files, databases, emails and settings, but also all extra snapshots or Installatron backups that you create. That way everything in the field of backups is arranged in the best way and you never have to worry about backups and their storage. If you also want to save extra backups in your Dropbox or Google Drive, that is also completely possible.

How many domains can I place in a cPanel?

Each cPanel contains one main domain with unlimited subdomains. You can also add up to 10 domains as an alias, with which you can easily refer extra domains or create an extra mailbox, for example.

Can I install specific software?

Yes you can! While all popular CMSs such as WordPress and Joomla are already fully compatible as standard, we have also made all preparations for popular software modules such as GIT, Composer, Node Package Manager, oAuth, SOAP and Laravel. If you also want other modules, we will look together at how we can activate these in the desired accounts. Almost anything is possible here.

Can you transfer my current server?

When you use hosting based on cPanel, Plesk or DirectAdmin, in most cases we can do a full server import from your old host. We then migrate all your data on a large scale to your new environment, so you don't have to do anything yourself.

Apart from the above, we also have many other relocation options on large-scale websites, mailboxes, institutions and domains for relocation for you. This is fast, professional and safe. Contact us without obligation to clarify the exact possibilities based on your current hosting solution.

Do you also offer a white-label solution?

Yes, white label is fully included in all Reseller packages! For example, you can apply your own logos, name servers and CSS, so that your customers only see your own corporate identity. When you activate all white label functions, you will no longer see any Hoasted branding and all hosting will be active under your own brand name. Your own professional hosting business, without any worries about server management or maintenance!

Are server management and licenses included?

Yes, completely. For the above prices, you have full reseller hosting, including all the extensive tools and premium technology as explained above and on the 'technology' page. Everything is included and you do not have to do any maintenance or monitoring on the servers or software, we all do that for you completely. Completely worry-free and maintenance-free, with which you can fully focus on building beautiful and converting websites or applications.

Am I tied to a contract?

No, we have no contracts or unclear agreements. You purchase a Reseller package per month, and you can cancel at any time. No hidden costs or small print because we like to be transparent and want to enter into a long-term relationship with our resellers.

When can I upgrade or downgrade?

Both are possible at any time. Upgrades are implemented immediately and calculated pro rata. Downgrades are carried out at the end of the month or invoice period.

Can I expand even further than Reseller 5?

If you already have a Reseller 5 package, you can still continue to expand. We add extra accounts for you in blocks of 20 pieces at 29.95 per month.

Am I protected against malware, blacklisting and SPAM?

Yes! We use premium security tools such as Imunify360, Virustotal, Sucuri and SpamExperts, so that these risks are reduced to a minimum or even completely excluded. For example, IP blacklisting is not possible and WordPress leaks are automatically patched at line level.

Which extensions or addons can I still link?

The reseller packages already contain everything you need to host the fastest websites. In addition, you can also organize the resources of your cPanel accounts (working memory and CPU). In addition, there is the option to add extensions to an individual account. From a dedicated IP address from a specific European country to transactional mail servers or CDN. This can be useful, for example, if you have special requirements in terms of functionality or applications. See the different extensions higher on this page, within the explanation about the reseller hosting features and specifically under the 'optional extensions' heading.