SSL certificates

Your website is safe for visitors.

With an SSL certificate, your confidential information is sent encrypted, so that your data cannot be intercepted. Via an encrypted connection (https), you protect your data such as forms, orders and other information. With SSL, your data is encrypted and visitors can use your website with confidence.

For business websites it is also legally necessary that your website is protected with an SSL certificate. With this you meet the AVG in the field of website safety and visitors everywhere on your website see the lock in the address bar. If that certificate is not there, Chrome reports that your site is unsafe.

ssl certificate

Type SSL certificates

There are different types of SSL certificates, but in practice there are three types that are used the most: SSL domain only (standard and most used), a wildcard SSL (for unlimited subdomains) or a extensive SSL validation (for web shops, banks and commercial websites).

Domain validation (DV)
Single domain

Validation at domain level is the most basic type of SSL. The ownership of the domain is verified and no paperwork is required. It is issued very quickly and offers basic encryption. In general, these are the least expensive.

Domain validation
18 euros per year

Wildcard SSL
Multiple subdomains

An organization-level SSL validation is similar to domain validation, but it also contains an authentication of the company or organization behind the domain. It offers a higher level of security and lets your customers know that they can trust the server with their personal information.

Wildcard SSL
69 euros per year

Extended validation (EV)
Single domain

Comprehensive validation is the most comprehensive validation. It not only validates the domain and authentication of the company or organization, but it also performs extensive research before a certificate is issued. It offers the highest level of security and trust.

Extensive validation
129 euros per year

Install an SSL on your website

You can install the SSL certificate on your website yourself, or have it done seamlessly for you. We take care of the entire installation process for a one-off € 79. This includes a complete test, description of available links and images in your website and a validity check. Then you see the lock in the url bar on every page of your website, because everything in the picture is https. Add the installation service to your certificate in the ordering process.

Frequently asked questions about SSL

Which SSL certificate should I choose?

For smaller companies and institutions, a Domain Validation (DV) SSL certificate is sufficient. For larger companies, web shops with some turnover and larger institutions, an Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificate is the most suitable. In some browsers you get a green lock and green URL and that gives the most confidence to your visitors. Moreover, that gives the impression that it is a professional company or institution.

Why an SSL certificate?

There are several reasons why an SSL certificate for your website is a good idea.

  1. The data is sent encrypted over the internet and that is particularly important when it comes to filling in forms and ordering in web shops.
  2. It is mandatory for companies and institutions in connection with the European Privacy legislation, the AVG (the General Data Protection Regulation)
  3. Your website will be faster
  4. Google attaches great importance to safety, which means that your website will rise in search engine results
  5. Your visitors will not get a message in Chrome in the address bar that your site is unsafe.

Can you arrange this for me?

Yes! You can ask us to arrange the SSL order and installation for your website and to ensure that all pages in your website can only be visited securely. Everywhere the lock appears and in Chrome the message is safe. Send an email for this our support with your desired SSL and on which website we can do the installation. You can also check 'installation service' with your SSL order.

Can I order and install the SSL certificate myself?

Hell yes! We have made two manuals for this:

  1. Request / order SSL certificate
  2. Install SSL certificate in your cPanel.

How long is an SSL certificate valid?

When purchasing, you can choose one or two years. The latter is the most advantageous, because the extension work only has to be done once every two years.

Can I also use the wildcard SSL certificate on other servers?

That is certainly possible and is often a reason to opt for a wildcard SSL certificate. Ask for support if you need this.