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About SSL certificates

If you’re serious about your business you want an encrypted connection to your website. A encrypted HTTPS connection protects your domain from fraudulent payments and protects sensitive information. It’s the best way to protect your userdata against identity theft. An SSL Seal in the browser shows your clients they can use your website without any worries.

Different certificates offer different levels of validation. We offer three types of SSL certificates: Domain-, Organisation- and Extended- validation.

Installing SSL on your website

You can install the certificate on your website yourself, of let us do it for you. We take care of the entire installation for just €99,-. This includes a full test and validation-check. In the end you’ll see a green lock in your browser’s address-bar, because everything on your page is loaded over https. Add this installation service in the order proces.

Which certificate to choose?

There are three types of SSL, both with 2 variants: single domain or wildcard. An SSL certificate for a single domain protects a specific domain (like and If you want to protect an unlimited amount of subdomains (like etc), you need a wildcard certificate.

Domain validation (DV) is perfect when you quickly want to get started. Organisation Validation (OV) is for business-information en offers a more trustworthy environment than a domain validation. Extended validation (UV) gives your website a green bar in the browser, and shows you are an authenticated business. It offers the best protection against phishing or other fraudulent activities and offer the best protection and trustworthiness.

Domain validation

Validation on domain-level is the most basic form of SSL. The ownership of the domein gets verified and there is no paperwork involved. It validates very quickly and offers you a basic enryption. These type is usually the cheapest.

Single domain
€ 17/year

€ 97/year

  • No paperwork involved
  • Mobile support
  • No green bar in browser

Organisation validation

An SSL validation on organisation level is similar to domain validation, but it also includes the authenticity of the company or organisation behind the domain. It offers a higher level of security and lets you clients know your server can be trusted with any personal information.

Single domain
€ 42.50/year

€ 225/year

  • Paperwork involved
  • Mobile support
  • No green bar in the browser

Extended validation

Extended validation is the most extended validation. It doesn’t just validate the domain and authenticate the company, it also does an extended investigation before issuing a certificate. It offers the highest level of security and trustworthiness.

Single domain
€ 150/year


  • Paperwork involved
  • Mobile support
  • Shows a green bar with name in the browser